Aloe Vera: Why Your Skin Needs it Now

Have you ever used aloe vera gel on your skin to relieve burning after a whole day of baking yourself on the beach, or after burning yourself while cooking? It works doesn’t it? Considered the best natural relief for burns, aloe vera is a cactus that has been used for over 5000 years as a healing plant in most of the world. Today scientists have documented the 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and all the anti-oxidants and vitamins in aloe that make it so effective as a skin healer. They have identified the hormone gibberellins in aloe that allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring by building new cells. It makes sense then that with these benefits, aloe would be the most widely used ingredient in natural anti-aging skin care lines. I have researched the best new Aloe based skin care lines for you and here are my favorites.

The Aloe Source uses organic aloe harvested on a trusted local farm to insure purity. I especially love the Luminosity Masque with pineapple and papaya that clarifies and smoothes the surface of your skin and gives it a healthy youthful radiance in 15 minutes. Add to that the Youth Renew Moisturizer that includes peptides, DMAE (an agent that tightens, tones and preserves the skin) and alpha lipoid acid to increase the natural rejuvenating power of the aloe leaf.

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Knu is an anti-aging serum by Michael Todd True Organics that contains 100% organic aloe vera juice instead of water. This creates a synergy of activity with anti-wrinkle peptides such as Matrixyl 3000 (R) and Syn (R)-Coll, skin regenerating Snail Serum , Arbutin (a natural dark spot fighting agent) and L-Arginine (an amino-acid) to offer one of the best serums to improve the elastin and collagen of your skin. It’s especially effective for use on acne, rosacea or scars. After a day you will already feel how your skin’s texture is improving. You will also notice a firming and slight lifting after the first use. Good if you need deep repair work to your façade at the end of the harsh winter we have known. No parabens, no thriclosam, no phthalates or sulfates.

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The new luxurious line of Niki Saint Pierre focuses on rejuvenating your skin while you sleep with ingredients that are 95% active. The Youth Cream is a concentrate of the maximum allowable key active anti-aging ingredients in a base of aloe vera juice. It includes non-irritating stabilized retinol, collagen building peptides, hyaluronic acid, skin vitamins and antioxidants as well as aromatherapy. In a recent scientific experiment over five weeks that was recently published, volunteers in Florida were described as having significant reduction of expression lines and a better-textured complexion. What is different about this line is that it helps your skin to function again as its former self “ explains Niki St Pierre, founder and president. What I love especially is the silky texture of the lotion so easily absorbed that brings out a luminous glow when you wake up the next morning and a slight stimulating lifting-up. Free of parabens, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances.

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People who find aloe gel too sticky and difficult to rub in the skin would love the soothing Scar Gel by Derma E for immediate relief and cooling of burnt skin. The content of aloe gel is very high so it is almost like squeezing a fresh layer of gel out an aloe leaf but it also contains soothing allantoin and panthenol to help absorption. Use it also on your stretch marks and any skin areas that need healing. Their E-derma Cracked Skin Relief Crème penetrates and smoothes coarse areas like the palms of your hands. The natural clove fragrance will lift your mood too.

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At a time when so many claims are made in the cosmetic market, you can trust aloe to be a reliable source of healing with its proven record of mending skin for 5000 years. Whether you use aloe gel from the plant directly on your skin, apply it to your skin in sophisticated anti-aging skin formulas, or drink it (careful, it’s a laxative) you are sure to gain great benefits from this natural source of healing that the Egyptians called “the plant of immortality”.

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