Bare Your Legs – In A Bliss-ful Way!

Okay – so, you’re going away next weekend, and have to be ready to don that hot new bathing suit. There’s just one, slight problem – your bikini line, that, um, hasn’t seen the light of day since your winter holiday vacation. Yup – time for a bikni wax – or, for those daring individuals out there, a Brazilian – but no fear – Bliss is here!

Now, I had heard of Bliss before…one of my best friends is a total Bliss-nut. So, one would think I’d have been convinced about how great this place is by now. But, no – I was a real skeptic…until I made a trip to the SoHo spa for the whole nine yards. Only NOW do I realize what all the rage is about!!!!

Walking in through the frosted glass doors, I was immediately calmed by the most welcoming, warm, bright (but not in a bad way – warm and cozy feeling!), and cheery reception area EVER (and I’ve visited a considerable number of nice spas…). That alone calmed the butterflies in my stomach fearing the pain ahead of me. The girl who greeted me was equally warm and inviting – was I in Heaven (I certainly felt like I was!!!)?

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After lounging in an equally luxurious waiting area (with a magazine, glass of tea…and some amazing nibbles!), I was quickly whisked off to the wax room by my esthetician, Stella, who I’ve heard is the next Bella Normatov (one of Bliss’ famous wax-pros). The room was warm and inviting, and very well lit. Now, this may concern some of you (I mean who doesn’t have flaws that bright lights reveal?), but after having had my legs waxed in my fair share of poorly lit spaces, and considering the fact I’m a blond with blond leg hair, this is one of the MOST important factors in how I rate a waxing experience – I mean, if she can’t see the hair on my legs, how is she going to do a good job? Before I knew if, she had started…and my fears of pain quickly diminished. Stella worked swiftly, and meticulously, leaving my legs silky smooth, and nearly painfree!

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Days later, I was still shocked in how painless and careful Stella transformed my legs – so painfree that I even agreed to go a little further than usual (need I say more?). No missed spots behind my knees, or around my ankles. Just lots of baby soft and smooth skin. Clearly, Stella is the next (better than?!) Bella, and I’m a true Bliss-Believer. I may even let Bliss dictate where I travel in the future – Bliss is now appearing in many W Hotels nationwide!

To get your own Bliss fix – call 212.219.8970, or check out [url=][/url]. Bliss spas are located in New York (49, 57, and SoHo), Chicago (at the W Chicago-Lakeshore), San Francisco (at the W Hotel), and London…and soon in LA and Dallas!

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