Beauty Innovations: What’s Next From Asia?

Asian women strive to have flawless, glowing skin, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. So it’s no surprise that Americans are adopting their beauty regimens. From the BB and CC cream craze, the skin lightening creams and even snail slime for sluggish skin, the Asian beauty culture has had a huge impact on Americans and it looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon.

So what are the hottest up-to-the-minute beauty secrets making their way from East to West? Well, for starters…

Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula is unique liquid collagen beauty drink. A favorite in Japan, it contains the highest concentration of ingestible collagen currently available in today’s market. With regular consumption, this product promises to improve skin’s elasticity, strengthen nails and thicken hair. Just drink a shot of the orange juice tasting formula right before bed because that’s when our body is in repair mode and begin noticing results in four weeks.

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Sulwhasoo White Ginseng Brightening Mask is formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this gentle exfoliating mask promotes the skin’s natural circulation and hydration. The unique gel texture envelops the skin while White Ginseng powder gently exfoliates, restoring vitality to the skin and leaving you with a glow for days.

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Snail slime? Yep! Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream may sound bizarre, but snail slime has recently popped up in a number of South Korean beauty products and is reported to be truly a miracle worker for dry or damaged skin. This cream also contains glycolic acid and elastin, which provides an abundant amount of hydration to the skin without adding excess weight.

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That’s correct; Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel does exactly that. The gel formula heats up when it comes in contact with skin, and you just wash it off after 20-30 seconds. It facilitates skin cell turnover and changes dark and rough skin surface into smoother and brighter skin. Bye-bye, blackheads.

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Enriched with clay and carbon powder, this Pelican Deitanseki exotic facial bar from Japan gently yet deeply cleanses the face with micro-porous active ingredients. It instantly absorbs impurities and removes toxins, exfoliates, helps balance pH, and even helps clear acne. Talk about genius! Your skin will be left feeling smooth and supple.

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Watch me on WABC’s Eyewitness News discussing the Asian beauty trend here:

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