Botox and Alternatives for Millennials


According to medical reports, plastic surgery among millennials is on the rise. While lip enlargement is popular, more and more millennials also get Botox injections to delay and/or prevent the onslaught of wrinkles.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe from Rowe Plastic Surgery says that 20% of his clientele is made up of millennials, and recommends doing preventive Botox before the wrinkles appear and says the intervention is safe as long as it is done by a reputable board certified doctor. Dr Rowe injected Botox around my eyes to erase those pesky crow’s feet lines and I was quite pleased with the results. It does refresh the entire eye area which is often the first place lines appear. For more information about Rowe Plastic Surgery go to

Though plastic surgeons laud the initiative of millennials to get preventive Botox, some critics invoke the risks of freezing facial muscles over several decades. They claim that atrophy of the muscles is possible though Dr Rowe rejects this scenario affirming that “underneath” muscles still move, even when parts of the face are frozen.

Other critics say that by freezing muscles, you take all expression out of the face and that this in itself is counter-productive. When you look at photos celebrities who have used Botox over many years, you’re often not convinced of the advantages. Go ahead and Google Nicole Kidman, Darryl Hannah, Isabelle Adjani or Donatella Versace and you might have second thoughts. If ithe result is to look like that, many among us would rather let nature take its course. Botox also comes with possible mild to acute side effects, a fact that all doctors take very seriously by the number of disclaimer pages that you must sign in their office.

Chinese medicine practitioners don’t recommend Botox as muscles have nerve ends in the skin related to the proper function of organs. According to Eastern medicine, health is dependent on easy circulation of chi and the ability of all parts in the body to relate to one another. By freezing one area, a consequence happens in another part of the body that may cause a problem over time.

Botox however has garnered an extraordinary popularity and done correctly and not in excess, can give great results. For Dr Rowe, it is a miracle drug, the equivalent of the discovery of aspirin. For those that are fearful of the practice, or don’t have the budget, there are alternatives such as a good retinol cream used a few nights a week. Retinol is considered the best skin topical ingredient to efficiently help prevent wrinkles as well as soften the ones already formed.

An excellent retinol cream is Amarte’s Hydrolift Cream. It uses nano-encapsulated particles and anti-oxidants to reinforce the effectiveness and endurance of retinol by 43% compared with 11% effectiveness when retinol is combined with menthol, a more common formulation method. You will love the unctuous super light texture of the formula enriched with caviar extract that plumps the skin with moisture and gives it a lovely radiance.

The Amarte’s Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream with 3.8% enhanced-stability retinol has the highest retinol content in an eye cream on the market and helps prevent wrinkles without any irritation to the eye or skin. For more information consult

Dr. Matthew Schulman, New York City Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, recommends microdermabrasion and light chemical peels as ways to maintain a youthful appearance for millennials as well.

Like a growing number of celebrities who prefer a natural alternative to Botox, try “V-Tox” created by Linda Meredith, a London skincare specialist often referred to as “facialist to the stars”, creator of her own line of skincare and beauty treatments. Her botanical cream, based on the neuropeptides derived from algae, causes the skin to relax the wrinkled areas. Skin looks smoother, fresher and younger without a frozen look. Elastin and collagen are also restored to more youthful levels. This formula immediately makes the skin feel plumper, energized and lightly lifted. This alternative to Botox is the choice of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Madonna, Victoria Beckman and many more famous ladies.

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Manuka Doctor’s ApireFine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask with purified bee venom (PBV™) and Manuka honey gets great reviews and works like natural fillers lifting the skin and erasing the appearance of wrinkles within 10 minutes of application. You will love the plumper, firmer texture of your skin, along with a youthful, healthy glow after your first application.
Find more information at

This generation of Millenniums can relax in the knowledge that today there are many more options to keep a youthful appearance than a generation ago. Whether you want to go the Botox route or choose a topical like retinol, V-Tox or the Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask, remember that beauty is never only about surface. Eating well, using sunscreen, having a healthy lifestyle, enjoying life with laughs, a curious adventurous open mind also contribute in making you an attractive youthful person.

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