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I have sensitive skin. I feel like a wuss just saying it, but I’ll scream it out. I HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN, everybody. Now, with that said, I have found the perfect line of skin care for my poor epidermis. Sonya Dakar, the problem-skin specialist, started on a mission to cure problem skin over 32 years ago. With a plethora of products for acne, anti-aging, discoloration, scarring irritation and maintenance, she has succeeded in helping many become more self confident about their appearance.

Although I’m not one for spending too much time on daily routines, I have learned that an extra 5 minutes is worth it. Because of the amount of products available I had to pick and choose my battles. Alright, it sounds complicated to use a certain amount of products in the morning and night and then some three days a week, but you get used to it, I promise. The following is what changed my skin:

SOYA WASH. I’m not much of a Britney fan, but I am a fan of the facial cleanser that Sonya created specifically for the celebrity’s skin. The “not a girl, not yet a woman” had that not-so-fresh feeling (as I’m sure you can imagine by the amount of makeup mixed with sweat that sits atop her face from venue to venue) and Sonya solved the problem with the use of this gentle soy product. This product actually feels like it’s moisturizing while cleansing. Soy, known for being a healthy food, contains linoleic acid, which is used to repair damaged skin cells while improving the skin’s elasticity. This isn’t science class, girls, so I’m not going to explain how. This product should be used at morning and night.

IRRITATION RELIEF. Have you ever wondered how it is that you can go through your daily regimen of facial cleansing without first preparing your skin of all the products you’re about to apply? Ok, maybe you haven’t, but it’s a good question. How is it that we can put a bunch of stuff on our faces daily and then assume that a cleanser, mask, and moisturizer will somehow heal them? Dakar’s Irritation Relief prepares your face for the rest of the cleaning process. It is at this point in my daily process when I get to feel that tingly feeling that everyone waits for to tell her that something is working. The cream is infused with bacoba monniera, an antioxidant believed to help prevent irritation and relieve the skin from it. Also in this awesome product are marine extracts, used to soften the skin and reduce symptoms of irritation such as redness. Who woulda thunk that the sea could be so useful? Ok, I did too, smartypants. Anyway, read the directions, honey, you leave it on. Don’t rinse. Wait two minutes and then use…

ENZYME PEELING CREAM (EPC) Pumpkin and Cardamom, you say? Huh? It’s a peeling mask…and a cream. Pumpkin enzymes and cardamom help to eliminate blackheads, dry skin, and well, grossness. The peeling masks that I’m used too are the ones that I try to peel off in one piece. It becomes a game for me to see the biggest piece that I can take off. You don’t get to play that game with this one, folks.

Used at night three times a week, the cream dries and then you rub it off. With tiny little pieces flaking off, it now acts like a scrub as you rub the rest off in circles with warm water. Ok ok, we’re getting there. It’s fun to do all of this, I swear.

BLUE MASK. Much like the EPC, this mask is unlike others. When I think clay mask, I think of the hardening feeling when you get to see all of the little lines in your face and wonder how it is that you feel so young, yet when covered in green or blue slime, don’t seem to feel it. Because this line is meant for sensitive skin, this mask does not harden on your face. It’s more of a moisturizer that lifts impurities from the skin. With a lot of the same ingredients as the irritation relief, it tones the skin while calming the senses. The mask is also to be used three times a week in the p.m.

HYDRASOFT LOTION. Everyone needs a moisturizer. This one has no weird additives or sweet smelling scents because remember…it’s for sensitive skin! I know, I know, everyone wants to smell good, but just use a perfume (pick one from our fragrance issue!), you don’t need to have your fave smelling like fruit. The lotion works as an anti-inflammatory aid and is ph balanced for moisture.

SPF!!! Use it! That’s all I have to say. Ever scared that your face is going to grow older before the rest of you? UV Rays are year-round, your skin should be protected as often. For more information, read the Sun Facts in the Sonya Dakar June 2002 Newsletter. The website also offers a waterproof sunscreen, but remember that using a “waterproof” cream does not mean that there is no need to apply it again after a romp in the swimming pool.

Whew. Ok, I’m done, I think, Yes, No, Yes, I am. Now I understand all the celebrity hype when it comes to Sonya. Stars like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, and Britney thank and praise Sonya for her skin care lines every day. If you’re skin is not so sensitive and you have other problem skin or just need a proper maintenance regimen, I highly recommend these products. Not only is my skin less discolored, but looks clearer…in the pimply sense. I even got a compliment over the weekend :)

How good does that feel? I don’t know about you, but I’m trying the Drying Lotion next. It’s Sonya’s miracle and can be heard about on the Hollywood scene. Have you ever seen Drew Barrymore with a zit? No, really, think about it.


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