Celebrating Unconventional Skincare

When the New Year rolls around, you’ll want to either do something differently or consider something novel. So laud the unconventional in 2012 with this quartet of skincare brands that shake up the status quo, each in a unique and beautiful way, paving the way for innovation for years to come.

Nude Skincare is a brand with a social conscious, but more important is the fact that it’s effective. Rife with 99% biocompatible ingredients such as cupuaca, avellana, baobab and manketti that work in harmony with your body, Nude’s skincare line tackles inflammation, dehydration and premature aging by letting nature do its job. Pre- and probiotics (“good” bacteria on the skin and the sugars it feeds on) keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, and Nude rebalances this elegant system of microflora, which in turn boosts your skin’s acid mantle: the skin’s overall protection. There are no synthetic ingredients in this line, and the recyclable packaging and fair trade or community-trade ingredients are the lovely bows on this perfect gift from Mother Nature. Find this London-born line at Sephora stores and at http://www.nudeskincare.com.

Steam Cream is another brand born in England and notable for its offbeat methodology. Handmade in the U.K. and Japan with fresh and wholesome ingredients such as almond oil, oatmeal, orange flower water, essential oils and cocoa butter, each batch is fused with a shot of steam, which results in a more deeply moisturizing cream. After it’s been steam-infused, Steam Cream is packaged in a round, eco-friendly decorative tin that can be used long after the product has done its soft work. Steam Cream has garnered multiple awards, but try it and decide for yourself; snap them up at http://www.steamcream.co.uk or at http://www.Amazon.com.

Savor the freshness of Lush, which also originated in England, with any of this brand’s wholesome, date-stamped skincare products. Lush offers ultra-moisturizing creams tailored to skin type. Celestial is ideal for sensitive skin with orchid flowers and vanilla water, Imperialis is a balancing moisturizer with shea butter and orange blossom water, Enzymion is infused with fruit to render oily skin matte and dull skin radiant, and Gorgeous is a light moisturizer for all skin types with grape, pineapple and cold pressed evening primrose oil. There’s also an Enchanted Eye Cream with lavender-honey and almond oil to ward off fine lines around the eye area, and Skin’s Shangri-La Moisturizer is a creamy whip of wheatgrass, aloe vera gel, toothed wrack, violet flower, almond oil, jojoba, and Queen of Hungary’s water (perfect for mature skin). See what suits your skin at LushUSA.com, Lush stores or Amazon.com.

Sevani Botanica offers a wholistic approach to skincare with Ayurvedic botanicals, and vegan, GMO-free and plant essence ingredients. The Sevani cosmeceutical-grade blends are crafted to restore elasticity and firmness, and to refine the skin’s texture and regulate oil. The Sevani C + Resveratrol Anti-Aging Elixir is one of the line’s four exquisite skin serums, which smells delectable and leaves skin feeling velvety soft. Visit http://www.sevanibeauty.com to discover your Ayurvedic skin type, and to browse through Sevani’s many products – including cleansers, toners, rosacea and sensitive skin products, products for age spots, hair care products and facial crèmes. A proud member of http://www.SafeCosmetics.org, the Sevani line is practically the definition of pure.

Make 2012 a year of exciting new inroads, starting with the basics: your skincare regime!

  1. After seeing these reviews I ordered the Sevani C resveratrol serum and OMG it smells heavenly just as you said and gives my skin such a radiant glow! If you haven’t tried their cleanser you will be just as thrilled.
    I am going to try their rapid renewal cream too, saw that was getting rave reviews also!
    Thanks for another great review!

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