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They globe trot, dazzle us on the big screen and somehow never, ever look less than perfect. What’s the secret to celebrities’ gorgeous looks? BeautyNewsNYC tracked down the top skincare gurus to the stars to get the inside scoop on how they make some of the biggest names look their best.

First we caught up with New York City’s beauty guru, Tracie Martyn, just as she whisked out to L.A. to get Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock and other stars Oscar ready with her Tracie Martyn Signature Resculpting Facial. The three-step, anti-aging treatment incorporates all-natural products that plump and restore skin to make it super-refreshed. Meanwhile, Martyn’s ever-popular Enzyme Exfoliant — a favorite of longtime client Susan Sarandon — contains salicylic acid, lactic acid and pineapple enzymes to create a true anti-aging “facial in a jar.” Pick up your own supply at http://www.traciemartyn.com or at Martyn’s exclusive midtown salon. (212) 206-9333.

For truly exotic pampering, stars like Fran Drescher make it a point to stop by Lather Spa where skincare products contain unusual ingredients like bamboo powder harvested from the hills of India. Lather Spa’s Manuka Body Butter, favored by the likes of Andie McDowell, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Heather Locklear, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tori Spelling, contains juniper and kukui nut oils, almond protein and grapefruit extract. This blend of super-rich moisturizers hits that perfect (and too-often elusive) balance by hydrating the skin without leaving it feeling clogged or greasy. Another Hollywood fave? Lather’s Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub. It’s made from the above-mentioned bamboo powder, sea algae and herbal extracts that not only remove impurities and exfoliate, but actually encourage the production of new skin cells.

Contact http://www.latherspa.com; (212) 644-4449.

Manhattan dermatologist Brad Katchen, founder of SkincareLab; 212 334-3142), received his medical training from Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins. Now he dispenses his wisdom to stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis who flock to his sleek SoHo clinic in Manhattan for the most modern skincare treatments available. Katchen’s extensive menu of services includes Vitamin A-enriched oxygen facials as well as procedures like collagen injections, Botox and chemical peels. In fact, SkinCareLab is a can’t-miss stop for stars weeks before they hit the awards ceremonies.

“What we want to know, and what is seldom revealed, is how (celebrities) get their flawless complexion,” boasts Katchen’s web site. “And of course, we at SkinCareLab know.”

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