Cellulaze™ Targets Cellulite Via Lasers

In the United States alone, 70 million of the 88 million women between the ages of 20 and 54 suffer from cellulite.

Many women won’t dare wear a bathing suit because they have cellulite. They spend money on pills or expensive creams and lotions designed to melt away the fat and stop the dimpled, cottage cheese-like appearance of their thighs or their butts, not realizing that cellulite is a skin problem that needs to be treated in a totally different manner.

Cellulite is not a fat problem. It’s a problem in skin’s structure, so sadly, try as you might, no amount of exercise rid you of the unwanted and embarrassing cottage cheese look.

That’s where Cellulaze comes in. This February Cynosure is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Cellulaze’s availability in the United States. As a laser procedure with no competition, Cellulaze is a game-changer and the only game in town, since it’s the only cellulite targeting procedure that produces lasting results.

Here’s a crash course in cellulite. Connective tissue becomes inflexible, so trapped fat pushes against skin. Thin skin worsens in appearance, and dimples, producing that orange skin look.

Cellulaze has broadened the spectrum of the treatment of cellulite by targeting the three causes of cellulite: herniated pockets of fat, stiffened septae, and thin skin. In just one treatment, Cellulaze improves skin elasticity for a smooth, dimple-free look.

Cellulaze uses proprietary technology to target the root causes of cellulite. SideLaze3D™ technology uses a unique side firing fiber enabled by a 1440nm designed for precise tissue targeting. This technology combined with ThermaGuide™ , a temperature sensing cannula that continuously monitors sub-dermal tissue temperature, is essential for safe and effective results.

During the procedure, a tiny laser fiber is inserted under the skin, which gently heats the skin and disrupts or melts the fat.

Next the laser releases the fiber bands that pull down on the skin and create the dimpling effect.

This release creates a smoother look.

Finally the laser’s energy stimulates collagen production, to increase skin’s depth and elasticity for a more even, healthier appearance.

Creams, pills, diet, exercise, embarrassment and a longtime commitment to a regimen and routine of using these items are all a thing of the past thanks to Cellulaze.

And finally, Cellulaze has the backing of physicians.

According to Dr. Thomas P. Sterry of Manhattan, Cellulaze “is the only effective treatment for cellulite and has the backing of the FDA.”

Sterry offered this opinion and description of the procedure. Good news – he says some patients compare it to a deep tissue massage with some minor discomfort.

“Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure that directly attacks the root cause of cellulite. By penetrating below the skin and releasing the tethering bands that deep connective tissue makes with the dermis, it can smooth out the dimpling that is so characteristic of cellulite. Furthermore, the laser energy triggers a collagen rebuilding response which thickens otherwise attenuated skin, thereby making it look younger.

“Other, topical products and techniques can’t possibly be as effective because they fail to address the basic structural problem that cellulite poses. The treated skin may get swollen and create the temporary appearance of a smoother surface, but ultimately, the dimpling returns and cellulite remains unscathed.

“Cellulaze is performed in my office under local anesthesia and is tolerated very well. Many patients tell me that it is similar to a deep tissue massage, with an occasional ‘ouch’ but on the whole there is very little discomfort.

“If the problem is truly cellulite and not loose skin or excessive fat (as in liposuction cases), then there is no reason for a second treatment with Cellulaze. The source of the problem is addressed initially with the laser which essentially obliterates the connective tissue causing skin dimpling. A few months later, patients have increased collagen in the dermis and thicker, more youthful skin.”

Cellulaze, ThermaGuide, and SideLaze3D are registered trademarks of Cynosure, Inc.

This post sponsored by Cellulaze.

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