Clean Beauty: Q & A with Ranu Founder Arthy Sivabalan

The ancient science of Ayurveda is beauty’s next big thing. Arthy Sivabalan, founder of Ranu, a luxurious cruelty-free skincare line, offers unique formulations from Arthy’s heritage with historic Ayurvedic teachings. I couldn’t wait to find out more about Arthy and her fabulous collection.

Let’s start from the beginning: Every Beauty Brand has a story, what is your brand Ranu’s?

Ranu was born when I was pregnant with my first born child and trying to find clean skincare. When I couldn’t find anything available, I turned to my mom and our family recipes. By using our family recipes, I got rid of my hyperpigmentation and fixed a lot of skin issues that I was dealing with at the time. That’s when I decided that this was something we should share with the world.

For someone new to Ayurveda skincare, could you please tell us the basic principle of it all and how it is incorporated into Ranu?

Ayurveda has been around for more than 5000 years and has been practiced back home in India from as early as we can remember. It is the balancing of your doshas, your body, mind and soul. With Ranu, we want you to experience a full rounded ritual. We have used my mom’s recipes with ingredients that are typical in Ayurvedic practices. We have included mantras that also help to keep mindfulness and meditation as you do your rituals with your skincare. 
What do you wish more people knew about the Ayurvedic approach?

A lot of times people think Ayurveda is strong and has potent smells. With Ranu, that is not the case. We have used modern science to extrapolate the richness of the ingredients without compromising the benefits. While doing this we have managed to maintain the potency all while ensuring the products smell heavenly. The Ayurvedic approach is a holistic way of life. It embodies giving yourself the time and love you need to have that mindset and body in alignment.

How does the Ranu skincare line stand out from other brands?

For me, I would say it’s the ritual aspect. It is not just a skincare line. I want people to feel that it is something that they get to work on inside while they are also working on the outside. It is a person being really dialed into their “me” time.
Working in the Ayurveda industry, what are your top wellness tips that you truly believe in?

I truly think we complicate the process sometimes. It comes down to setting aside time for yourself in the morning and in the evening. You don’t need a crazy step-by-step process. Sometimes it’s just what works for you. My rule of thumb is to always have that 10-15 minutes to myself in the morning and evening. If you can’t dedicate that time for yourself, then the day is thrown off. I also believe ingredients and their star is so important. We live in a world with so many things that are over-processed or just not true to the ingredient anymore. It is vital to utilize key ingredients known for their healing properties.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Everyone deserves to love themselves. I truly believe that when you take care of yourself then everything else will follow; how other people treat you, how other people see you – it starts with you. Additionally, a portion of all Ranu proceeds goes towards helping children receive an education and a livelihood. The biggest purpose for us is to be able to give back to others, to live a life of service. Let’s do that together.

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