What is a girl to do when she feels the soldiers of time marching across her lovely face? Well, darling, I’ll tell you what she does. She marches herself right down to Ling Skin care for a non-surgical facelift!

Ling Chan is one of Manhattan’s best-kept secrets. Not because she doesn’t have a large following, because she does. Starlets and literati and socialites…oh my! They’re definitely amongst Ling’s loyals. But it was a surprise to me that she wasn’t some honorary mayor or didn’t have keys to the city or something, once I had experienced her signature non-surgical facelift facial.

First of all, it isn’t really like a facial. There is no steaming or exfoliating, no extracting. It started off with just a simple cleansing with her best selling product, ‘Purifying Facial Cleanser’. Then with the flip of a switch, the real fun begins.

In layman’s terms the concept behind this facial came from a procedure often used with stroke victims who have lost muscle activity after having a stroke. Doctors developed a system using mild electrical current to stimulate the muscles, strengthening them and thus promoting some activity or healing. Of course, as with any procedure, results depend upon the condition of the patient, the amount of damage to the muscle, etc. The same principles apply in the treatment that Ling provides.

Borrowing from the treatment concept that physicians have been using, the non-surgical facelift utilizes mild electrical current to stimulate muscles. Ling and her well-trained staff have honed their skills so that they apply the current to the facial muscles in a way that simulates, if you will, a facial muscle workout. Over a series (recommended at least six and usually ten, depending on the condition of the skin/facial muscles), Ling and her staff can help significantly improve the look and texture of a client’s skin, including on the neck.

My own experience was a definite improvement in skin texture and appearance. If nothing else, a mild electrical current has to stimulate the cells and blood flow in the surface tissue – I was getting très très complimented, darling, on the radiance of my skin. After about 4 treatments, someone I ran into who I had not seen in about a year asked me if I’d had a facelift. I was stunned. I called Ling right away to have a giggle about it.

There is a maintenance program. Once you complete the initial round of treatments, you’ll want to come back once every 3 months or so for a freshen-up facial, though Ling assured me that some clients go without one for a year or more, and then, after a single treatment are back ‘in shape’. I think I am about due for a touch up.

For you microdermabrasion devotees, I understand that Ling has developed her own version, using salt instead of some unpronounceable chemical. (Did you know that some of that stuff can actually stay in your body?) Check it out!

With three citywide locations you are never too far from a fresh-faced start.

Union Square
12 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003

191 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Central Park West
105 West 77th Street
New York, NY 10024

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