Out Damn Spot! Wash Hyperpigmentation Away with La Roche Posay


Over the past few years, there have been several advances in the field of hyperpigmentation and dark spot eradication, with everything from Neutrogena’s Dark Spot Cream that promises to reverse discoloration in just one week to Clinique’s revolutionary Even Better line with everything from eyes and face addressed.

Most of the dark spot fading solutions have come in the form of creams, lotions and overnight treatments, but hardly any in the form of a cleanser, until now. La Roche Posay debuted the first anti-aging cleanser, MELA-D Pigment Deep Cleansing Brightening Foam Cream which is a lightweight, foaming and hydrating cleanser that I now use daily.

The idea behind this cleanser is simple: the rich, foaming texture is supposed to help shed dark skin cells from the surface, leaving behind an even complexion over time. The cream is part of the MELA-D system, which includes a serum by the same name (this one contains kojic acid and glycolic acid with a potency previously available only through prescription).

The cleanser contains micro-exfoliating LHA, short for Lipo-Hydroxy Acid that is supposed to be six times more effective than salicylic acid in terms of its exfoliating and clarifying abilities. For $25.00 the foaming cream decreases dark spots over time. I’ve been using mine faithfully each day for over a month, and have definitely noticed a huge difference in the color of the spots. It’s also really easy to use, since it’s the first step in your skincare routine.

What is ideal about the foaming cleanser is that a little goes a long way (less than a pea-sized amount), and that it truly does mushroom into a rich, pleasing, light and foamy lather. It also washes off easily without leaving any residue or a taut feeling on your skin, which is why I would suggest this cleanser for even sensitive and mature skins.

Other launches

The brand has been busy: other launches include the Redermic Eyes ($45.00) treatment to combat lines and wrinkles around the eyes with its .01% retinol formula. Participants in the clinical trial noticed a substantial reduction in crow’s feet and dark circles, all without irritation. La Roche Posay also launched the Substiane Serum, a new anti-aging concentrate to improve skin firmness.

Remember: Dark spots are attractive on leopards but not so much on our skin.

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