Daring Décolleté –
Forget the chocolates; pass the eye candy, please.


Picture this: you’re in your favorite boutique or department store, on the prowl for the perfect dress to compliment a decadent and sexy night out with your honey. Frock after frock gets the same grunt-filled reactions from you, and even the overly vocal occupant of the dressing room to your right or left. Finally, a dress “ah-ha” moment is upon you, but all you can think about is how to make your peeking lady lumps lovelier than ever. Well, we’re here to pick up where your trusty push-up bra leaves off. Add these three steps to your beauty regimen (for now and always), and see eye-popping and guy ogling results in just a few weeks.

Step 1 – Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Did we mention exfoliate?

In order to get a glowing, youthful décolleté and bust, exfoliation is a must. Keep in mind though, that the skin in this region is the most sensitive on your body, so gentle scrubs, peels or glycolic acids are crucial.

Estee Lauder’s So Polished Exfoliating Scrub is ideal for the upper chest and neck to slough away dry, dead skin without irritation. It uses volcanic ash and marine extracts to polish and smooth the skin. Use it in the shower once to twice weekly and you’ll immediately notice how soft and supple your cleavage feels to the touch, making it primed and ready for step 2.

Available: Fine department stores or http://www.esteelauder.com

New from Clarins, Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream uses a mask-like, clay cream with primrose extract to retexturize your bust area. Apply a thin layer to your décolleté, leave on for one minute, and softly rub or flake away, then rinse with warm water. I immediately saw significantly smoother skin with the first application. If you prefer scrubbing action, opt for the Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with smoothing mimosa tenuiflora for the most sensitive of skin types. Either way, you’ll be drooling over the results…..so will he!

Available: Fine department stores or http://www.clarins.com

For deeper, more significant exfoliation, glycolic acid rapidly helps dull, lackluster skin become more vibrant and even toned. Just a pump or two of Therapy System’s Glycolic Body Treatment went a long way for me, and within just a few days, my chest (and arms – I couldn’t resist) looked ultra smooth, clear of any blemishes or imperfections and radiant. Note: always pair a minimum of SPF 15 when using products with glycolic acid in the daytime.

Available: Henri Bendel and http://www.therapysystems.com

Glytone’s Boost Mini Peel Gel is perfect for the med spa or derm treatment lover. My sensitive skin took kindly to this professional at-home peel with 10.8% free glycolic acid. If you tend to have congested skin due to sweat or oily skin, Glytone’s gel clears, tightens and evens sun-damaged skin on your bust, neck and face.

Available: Physicians offices or http://www.dermstore.com

Step 2: Hydrate and Repair

The thin skin on the chest and bust is more prone to wrinkles, dryness and hyper- pigmentation than other areas on your body. That’s where Bulgari’s Intensive Regenerating Night Cream steps in. After thorough exfoliation, your skin is primed and ready to drink up all the moisture you serve it. This super rich cream will leave your upper chest plumped and refreshed, and after continuous nightly use, a few weeks is all it takes to notice the signs of improve elasticity and increased collagen in your skin – a.k.a., a firmer, youthful and more structured décolleté. Ooh la la, indeed!

Available: Bergdorf Goodman or http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com

Step 3: Lift and tighten

Let’s face it, your tatas are heavy, whether you’re an A-cup or a DDD. Fighting the signs of gravity on a daily basis, a good bra can only take you only so far. Give them a hoist with morning and night applications of lifting agents. Sothys’ Thalassothys Radiance Tightening Bust Serum absorbs quickly, is non greasy and helps to firm, restructure and smooth out stretch marks on your breasts.

Available: http://www.ariva.com

For anti-slackening action, Lierac Paris’s Bust Lift Tensor Spray and Massage Cream is an effective duo. The thick, rich cream uses Japanese mandarin orange to prevent and reduce dark spots and aging, and hazelnut oligopeptides to increase collagen. I’ve been using it twice daily paired with the tensor spray, and in a week’s time (full results expected in 28 days), my décolleté feels softer and the skin around my bust and upper chest feels plumper with a little more life.

Available: Pharmacies and http://www.cvs.com

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