Daybird Tinted Skincare ( I want this in jug form )

daybird tinted skincare

The cult favorite tinted sunscreen finally made its way into my hands. Small, tube-like, in Shade 2, I finally tried on Daybird’s Tinted Skincare product that I’ve heard whispered into the digital ether but could never bring myself to google. Sometimes it’s just mentally so much easier to NOT research and lookup reviews and instead just try the product willy-nilly.

I did wake up a bit later than intended but it was “day-enough”, as in before I was going to be in direct sun, that I found the perfect opportunity to break into this beautiful little item.

Daybird’s Tinted Skincare is a multi-purpose tinted sunscreen. It acts as a light foundation with its tint as in the name, skincare with ingredients like Niacinamide and Bisabolol, and a sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Clinical Ingredients:

Niacinamide 2%: Vitamin B3 antioxidant increases dermal collagen for smoother skin

Bisabolol 0.5%: Chamomile extract reduces inflammation and evens skin tone

Zinc Oxide 12%: Non-nano, mineral SPF 50 protects against blue light and UVA/UVB rays

Breakdown taken from the official Daybird Website

The Sunscreen Aspect

My main interest in Daybird’s tinted sunscreen was the SPF aspect. I’m a longtime fan of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer series, but even they are at only 30 SPF. Last year I spoke with a woman who gently scolded me on how I treated my skin while she gave me a massage and facial. She told me that 30 only barely cuts it and that’s if you are indoors only. You need 45-50 SPF for outdoors. Trust your masseuse. They live for these things.

So my perspective did change after that and I sought a tinted sunscreen that would be higher than 30 that would also fit my skin type.

I have combination skin with large pores and some freckles and spots from sun damage ( due to traveling in my younger days, too depressed to really care about sunscreen ).

Daybird really fits the bill here with SPF 50, something I do not normally see in the market unless produced by an asian brand or in the form of some globulous monster fluid that would pill later on my face.

Unimpressed at most beauty offerings in Shades 1 & 2

Did I mention that the SPF aspect is mineral based, meaning it’s better for the environment? Chemical based sunscreens are not reef-safe and can harm marine life when it washes off in the ocean. Mega points for being animal friendly. They are also Cruelty-Free, do not test on animals, and advertise themselves to be a vegan serum so we know the serum doesn’t consume animals as well.

The Skincare Benefits

The bonus here is the skincare aspect. Daybird’s Tinted Skincare sunscreen has Niacinamide at 2% and Bisabolol at 0.5% to aid in your skin’s health. So you can heal your skin while you at the same time threaten its health by exposing it to the sun.

Who said you can’t do two polar opposite things at the same time? Isn’t that just human existence? Living while we are simultaneously slowly dying?

Laughing at the futility of life in Shades 3 & 4

The Test

I tried this product on after using my delicious grapefruit smelling moisturizer. That was a necessary plug to guide you into reading another article. I honestly held a lot excitement for a product I knew little about other than what was on the product description. I love gifts. I had to pump a lot before any product came out. To the point where it was starting to rile up some actual fear in me that I should talk to my therapist about. But, patience is key.

The consistency was a lot more watery than I thought. The color, perfect. But applying it to my skin? My skin drank it up.

Little dabs here and there ( I try to be precious with the product when I first use it) and my goodness ~ I love it. The coverage is very very light. To the point where I would say it’s barely covering anything. But, it reflects light nicely and evens out your skin tones. My skin is currently very dry and blotchy from lack of water and sleep. But everything evened out to create nicer looking skin that was protected from the sun and getting treated with yummy ingredients in the meanwhile.

After application, my skin was not pilling ( something that happens a lot with me and mineral based sunscreens ). It felt slightly chalky but not too much where I hated touching my face ( is it better if it makes me hate touching my face?).

It says to reapply every 2 hours or after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. I’ll probably go a bit longer since I’m forgetful and only ever remember if I’m in a bathroom, washing my hands and staring at my face in the mirror to reapply sunscreen/makeup.

TLDR: Conclusion…?

I have never been more tempted to actually buy a product on subscription that isn’t pet food. When seeing how my skin drank up the formula and created that gorgeous natural yet dewy look, I cannot lie that I immediately had the intrusive thought of “I want this in a jug”.

The consistency is lightweight and absolutely perfect for daily wear. It’ll be perfect for the summer as well.

It has my preferred SPF amount in 50 and is mineral based so it feeds into my aspirations to be better to the environment.

It has a bonus of treating my skin and provides just enough tint to even out my skincare mistakes.

It’s priced at $39.50 ( at the current time of writing this article ). With a subscription, the price is reduced to $35.55 and can be made deliverable at 1,2 or 3 months. I’m not sure how long this bottle would last so I’ve still got some time before the warm weather festivities to decide on how many months would work for me.

I’m very much impressed and will continue to wear this every chance I get. Who knew I would actually WANT to put on sunscreen everyday because it just felt good to do so?

Daybird please make this in larger amounts!

Interested in trying the cult favorite and deciding for yourself?

You can shop for Daybird’s Tinted Skincare on the Official Website. While you are there be sure to check out their skin quiz if you are unsure which shade is for you ( I guessed right but took the quiz anyway and got the same shade. )

You can also learn more about Daybird and their mission.

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