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Every so often I come across a new skin care line that’s worthy of a lot of attention. MLAB from Milbar Laboratories fits that category.

Though Milbar is a US company, the Brits scooped up MLAB faster than you can say scone and it was exclusive to the prestigious White Hall section of Harrods where it was a best seller and coveted by skin care aficionado’s and celebs. It’s finally available to us here, in US dollars, not British pounds thankyouverymuch.

For twenty five years Milbar has been creating cosmeceutical skin care for other companies and a few years ago management challenged their lab scientists to create, without any limitations, the most efficacious and luxurious, no expense spared anti-aging formulations they could come up with. They went to work with a mission and MLAB was born. It’s allergy free, can be used on all skin types and has gone through many clinical tests with measurable results.

I like that MLAB products are simple and there aren’t too many bottles and application rituals to keep track of. The line consists of a cleanser, a toner, a serum, an eye cream and two moisturizers – one with SPF for day and one without, for night. Easy peasy. All the products contain up to 74% of clinically active ingredients of the best quality peptides, anti-oxidants, amino acids, coenzyme Q10, plant extracts and too many others I can’t spell correctly.

I’m an admitted serum addict and love the grassy/earthy smell and the fast absorption of this one. It soaks in within moments and my skin feels hydrated and is ready for the eye cream and moisturizer which tingles for a few minutes after application and then allows my foundation to go on smoothly. MLAB claims this line is good for the guys too, with it’s no nonsense approach and simple packaging. But if DH thinks he can put his paws on my supply he’d better think again!

You can go to Harrods to buy it, or type M on your keypad for Marvelous skin.
MLAB – http://www.mlabonline.com.

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