Diary of a Masked Woman

For some reason face masks remind me of sleepovers, pillow fights and scaring your best friends little brother with that green gunk on your face. These days face masks are more like a one stop shop for solving your skincare problems than just a teenage sleepover ritual. Lets face it, no one has the time, money or space today to purchase products that promise amazing results, but don’t deliver. We need better results with fewer products. The masks below will not only give you instant gratification, but real results.

Wake-up Call
Rihanna has a hit song “SOS,” and although I don’t think she was referring to the world of skincare, don’t you just feel like your skin is screaming for help sometimes? Biotherm’s Flash Recharge Masque feels almost superhero-eque in its orange tube, promising fast results for tired, dull skin. As soon as you open the mask and squirt the creamsicle-colored lotion into your palm, you’ll smell the star ingredient, ginseng, known for its natural invigorating properties. The mask also contains white willow, an ingredient solely dedicated to preventing fatigue. The scent alone will wake you up, and after it absorbs, skin looks more radiant and energized. Put it on before a night out for refreshed skin, or even in the morning to wakeup before work. If you’re like me, you wont have trouble deciding when your skin needs this flash recharge!

Hydration X1000
Last time you took a long flight and got off the plane with dehydrated, red skin, didn’t you wish you had put on that extra layer of moisturizer? Well, next time be sure to throw the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque into your carry-on bag, your skin will definitely thank you! Apply a thin layer of the unscented, oil-free gel all over your face, massage it in and let the rest seep in throughout your flight (or while you sleep), you’ll wakeup to plump, soft and radiant skin. The masque contains the same benefits as the award-winning SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, but with twice the concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, for 1000 times more moisturization. I loved this treatment so much, I even plan to use it on my hands and feet during the winter months, doesn’t that sound nice?

Spa In a Jar
Lets face it, with the economy today; don’t those once-monthly facial appointments suddenly seem less important? There’s no need to skimp on taking care of yourself, when you can do so for a reasonable price in the comfort of your own home. Spa-goers everywhere will fall in love with the citrus, fresh smelling June Jacobs Cooling & Soothing Masque, it will bring you back to the spa without the hefty price tag. The masque smells like a summer cocktail; another bonus in my book, is gentle, paraben and preservative free and contains ingredients such as: pineapple fruit oil/extract (an anti-inflammatory), coconut oil (keeps moisture in the skin) and papaya fruit oil/extract (softens and heals the skin). The masque feels almost like a silky lotion on the skin and afterwards skin feels smooth and luxurious. For $56.00, it’s a small price to pay for an escape from reality.
http://www.JuneJacobs.com and http://www.skinstore.com

The Clear Choice

Breakouts before a big event, it’s par for the course, but what if a weekly treatment could help clear and prevent those breakouts from ever wrecking havoc on your skin? Enter Dermalogica’s Sebum Clearing Masque, part of their MediBac clearing treatment system. The sebum-clearing masque is a clay-based masque that cools, purifies, calms inflammation, and absorbs excess oil. The mask contains salicylic acid and cinnamon bark, which helps prevent bacteria from growing and forming those pesky pimples. After applying the mask once a week for several weeks, I noticed my skin was less oily, my pores appeared smaller and although it was a tad drying (I’d recommend only using it in the t-zone area), the results have made me a believer that persistence can equal a clear future.

Aromatherapy For Your Face
After a hard days work, a bath is one of those things that seems to help calm every inch of your body. While sitting in the bath, bubbles or not, apply the Astara Green Papaya Nutrient Mask to your face to calm your skin, mind and really forget your worries. The mask takes about 20 minutes to completely dry, so as you emerge from the bath, you’ll emerge with replenished and polished skin. Green Papaya enzymes, along with essential oils will refine and remove dead skin cells, leaving a softer texture and healthier complexion. This mask does not disappoint, it truly smells like an exotic garden and appeals to all the senses. Those with sensitive skin, however, may want to skip this as it can make the skin a bit irritated as it really tightens as it dries.

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking
Sometimes instead of your whole face needing a little TLC, you really just need it around your eyes. On days like this, go for a soothing eye mask like EmerginC Revital-Eyes Mask. Each packet contains 5 individually sealed masks, each secure in their own pouch of superstar ingredients. The masks are cotton cloths that you remove from their somewhat goopy packaging and drape around the eye. Just a warning that this may be something you want do in the bathroom, as taking the mask out of its package can be a bit messy. Once removed and spread over your eyes, you’ll smell the cucumber, green tea and a minty extract that are going to work to revitalize tired, puffy eyes. After the recommended 10-15 minutes, the smell helped me relax and my eyes did look like they went on a mini va-cay. Moral of the story: Don’t forget your eyes! Masks are just as effective for this area as they are for the rest of the face.

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