Discovering The Mychelle Imaging System For Your Skin at Whole Foods

Do you really know your skin? Do you know what kind of texture you have or the exact level of your skin’s sun damage? Dentists use X-ray machines to see inside your teeth, doctors make scans of your brain. So why not apply the same science to your skin? This is the fabulous idea Whole Foods Markets had by introducing the Mychelle Imaging System in twenty of its stores to provide you with a complete complexion profile. After your imaging analysis, you are provided with a therapy treatment suited to your skin’s needs.

The MIS device uses a safe, standard white light and UV photography to measure the surface and the deep layers of the skin. Your profile includes an eight point analysis focusing on skin’s irregularities, texture, wrinkles, pores, age spots, UV spots and vascular areas.

I recently tested the IMS and received a therapy treatment formulated for my skin’s needs. During the ths fun and interactive opportunity I was taught how to treat my specific complexion issues with the guidance of a Mychelle licensed esthetician.

To improve the texture of my skin the highly concentrated Mychelle Apple Brightening Serum was recommended. The serum fights sun damage, age spots and refines the skin’s texture. It contains the newly popular apple plant stem cells, which are bioactive ingredients functioning like human epidermal stem cells to foster the skin’s natural regenerative process. Additionally, the Mychelle Zinc Clear™ and Titanium Dioxide Sun Shield SPF 28 Coconut was recommended to prevent further UV damage. I love this sunscreen as its texture evokes the lightness of the coconut fruit and it does not irritate my eyes. For evening, I use the Supreme Polypeptide Cream. It has a deep elasticizing effect on the skin and creates a subtle radiance and seals moisture in.

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There is a plethora of fine products at Whole Foods to include in your therapy treatment. Armed with your IMS results, I encourage you to explore the shelves of the store and discover their wonderful virtues.

For the fine lines and dryness in the eye area that the IMS image and data revealed, I discovered that the Eye Repair Balm from Suki offers an excellent therapy. It contains organic carrot and organic grape seed. This eye balm keeps the fragile eye area moisturized for hours on end without “overloading” the area. Suki also offers an Eye Lift Cellular Renewal Cream that helps to keep the delicate eye area looking young by nourishing it with healing nutrients such as açai oil, hibiscus liposome and licorice root. It keeps the skin moist and resilient all day.

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If you have a predilection for ancient holistic recipes inspired by the wisdom of the Far East, the Jadience line is for you. The Vitality Anti Aging Serum regenerates your skin leaving its texture glowing and more elasticized. It contains jade powder that for 7000 years has been used for its purifying properties in Chinese medicine. Jade is a natural emitter of far infrared rays in the same wavelength as the human body. It produces negative ions that encourage cell metabolism, the key to a glowing complexion. Combined with the Hydrating Gel Mask with Jade and Green Tea, it works remarkably well to nourish and moisten your skin making it look refreshed and young. No wonder that these Bi Bong formulas at the origin of the Jadience line were sought after and used exclusively by East Asian Royalty in the past.

I encourage you to visit Whole Foods to get a MIS picture of your skin and discover a whole new generation of non-toxic, 100% synthetic-free skin care lines which combine the best in both evolutionary science and nature.

Don’t forget to take a follow up MIS picture at two and four month intervals. A quantitative assessment measuring side by side images will provide numerical data to the efficacy of your chosen treatment. Whole Foods plans to have all major stores by the end of 2012 to be equipped with this free interactive device. Find out if your local Whole Foods is equipped with the MIS already and go check out your profile without delay.

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