Dr. Hauschka Skincare: Beauty For All


Hallelujah, a skincare line that respects the wisdom of your skin. Combining a holistic sensibility with sensuous floral and herbal ingredients, Dr. Hauschka Skincare simply and luxuriously cooperates with skin – rather than fixing, fighting, or using “anti-” methods. Whether troubled by a temporary condition (dryness, break-outs, sensitivity), or maintaining the skin’s natural state of good health, Dr. Hauschka’s formula is the same: small amounts of gentle but intensive products, regular use, and beautiful results.

The morning routine consists of a cleanser and toner, plus a light day cream or sunscreen before facing the day. Dr. Hauschka discourages the use of creams at night, reasoning that while you sleep, your skin finally has a chance to breathe and detoxify, and bare skin does it best. An exception is made for the Rhythmic Night Conditioner, which is applied in place of a toner, and treats the skin overnight, addressing irritation or imbalance.

Below is a quick run-down of several of the everyday products, all of which I tried and loved. (For the record, the weather during this period made absolutely no sense – freezing one day, sixty-nine degrees the next – and none of this vexed my regimen. If anything, Dr. Hauschka distracted me from the weather, with its fragrant and soothing little potions).

Cleansing Cream
Essentially, this is a very mild exfoliant that leaves a moisturized feeling rather than one of “scrubbed.” Like many Dr. Hauschka products, it features rose essential oil as a main ingredient, as well as sweet almond oil. It smells delicious. The tube will probably strike you as rather small, but you need so little cream to do the job (“one half inch” the box says, and I probably used less than that). I think it would last a good month or two, and may cause you to question why you ever thought you needed a huge blob of cleanser on your pretty face in the first place. With the entire Dr. Hauschka line, there is a consistent approach of “less is more,” allowing the skin’s natural processes to proceed.

Facial Toner
According to my product description, this toner “minimizes pores, strengthens elasticity and leaves normal, dry, and sensitive skin firmed and energized.” I do concur. During my crazy Two Weeks of All Weather, I had all three of these skin types, plus oily skin on the suddenly-warm days. Unlike most toners I have tried, this one felt like it was actively reviving my skin, and it did so regardless of its sensitivity that day.

Rose Day Cream
I had heard the rumors about this product, the reports of celebrity love. Everyone from Madonna to Cate Blanchett reportedly adores the Rose Day Cream, and now I understand why. Infused with a high concentration of rose and rose hip oil, this cream is rich and nourishing but doesn’t just “sit there.” It melts into your skin in minutes. A tiny drop protects the entire face, and it smells so, so delicious. Prepare to fall in love… Dr. Hauschka features a variety of soothing masks, treatments, hair and body care products, and a line of Decorative Cosmetics. You can find them at salons, Sephora and health food stores like Wild Oats and Whole Foods. Learn more about Dr. Hauschka at http://www.drhauschka.com.

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