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Non-surgical facelift – this is the phrase skin care companies are profiting off of by suggesting their new and supposedly spectacular product will bring you the taut skin of your youth without going under the knife. Not that all of us addicts are dying to try out the procedures that have Joan Rivers looking worse than a shriveled-up smoker, but we all notice the jowls sagging and the eyelids getting heavy, and nothing seems to fight these off for more than a day. Well, maybe the New Year brought me luck after all.

My foray into the world of placenta-based skin care began long ago, but the use of placenta proteins in reusable masks is new to me. Placental EMK produces three types of masks: face masks, eye patches, and hand masks, all of which are infused with placenta proteins, seawater plants, collagen, and elastin. The developers believe that stimulating collagen production to ensure the health of the dermal tissue layers is more effective in revealing smooth skin than stripping the skin via peels and scrubs. However, the word placenta brings to mind the stem cell debate, and with some, a natural aversion, despite much education about the topic.

In this case, the company obtains the raw product from mothers who donate them after birth. Since the placenta is the source of all nutrients and substances necessary for the survival of a fetus, it carries powerful proteins that can be sterilized and potentially manipulated to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Here though, there’s no manipulation, just sterilization through pressure and energies applied to remove bacteria and viruses.

The serum contains kelp, vitamins A, C, and E, tea tree, fruit extract, shiitake extract, and placenta proteins, which are the first ingredient. The cream is a thin moisturizer with the usual suspects and a slew of roots and herbs. The eye gel boasts an aloe base, but also has Hyaluronic Acid, algae, linseed, and a number of vitamin B compounds. However, aside from the serum, it’s not the products that work everyday miracles, but the cloth masks.

Each mask is applied for about 20 minutes by dampening the appropriate side. The hand mask is difficult to keep on, but the face mask is the perfect quick fix. It’s long enough to cover the neck, and it stimulates the skin cells so rapidly that almost immediately after lying down and applying it, I felt a pulsating sensation beneath the skin. Before applying it, I took a close look at my cheeks and jaw line; when I removed the mask, I immediately noticed the skin around my chin and lower cheeks were a bit tighter. The eye patches, which can also be used on the upper lip area, lift and tighten the skin. Though the effect wasn’t as drastic as the face mask, it made me look well rested.

Apart from extremely oily skin, this line of products is suitable for nearly every user, including those who have acne, rosacea, razor bumps, or sensitive skin. This means you can share it with that partner or friend who is unaware that they’re in dire need of a skin fix. After all, a little hint never hurt anyone.

Products available at http://www.emkplacental.com. Each of the three masks can be used three times. Texal Face Mask $35 Eye Patch $18 Hand Treatment $12 6 oz Facial Cleanser $30 0.5 oz Face serum $175 0.5 oz Eye Gel $60 1 oz Face Cream $85

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