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A rose in a garden is much like Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf – Queen Bee, society diva, and breathtaking beautiful (with a thorn, or two…or three.) What’s not to love? Its beloved petals are rumored to be making therapeutic skin care remedies as far back as 10th Century Persia. Rose essential oils work wonders for dry, sensitive skin with its toning properties and also has a way in subduing redness. And that distinct, enticing fragrance is known to console shaky nerves and even take form of a mild-sedative. Here are a few products that have us tickled pink!

In testing out makeup for another story, I had to wash my face at least three or four times in one afternoon. Luckily, NUXE Cleansing Milk with 3 Roses has made a home near my bathroom sink. Even after this excessive washing, my skin felt supple, soft and anything but dry – not a trait all cleansers possess. The secret lies in the rose trio: Black Rose contains tannins, which give it astringent and toning properties, White Rose helps with soothing and detoxification, and Red Rose softens and enhances the cleansing milk’s aroma. Now, that’s team work!

Available at http://www.spalook.com, http://www.beauty.com, and Henri Bendel.

The delicately scented Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer SPF 6 is perfect for transitioning from cold winter months to promising spring. You see, the soufflé-like formula protects against dryness, while simultaneously reviving your skin care routine with whitening Wild Rose oil. As a natural source of Vitamin C, the oil helps prevent less-than-pretty brown spots and fine lines.

Available at http://www.korres.com and http://www.sephora.com.

Mmm! We’re in love…Ohh, Jurlique Rose Hand Cream let me count the ways. We love the way you leave our hands so velvety smooth and nourished. We love the way you leave our cuticles soft and moisturized. We love the way you protect and hydrate, even during our futile gardening attempts. And we love the way natural Rosa demascena essential oil leaves a trail of seductive fragrance. Ohh, Jurlique

Available at http://www.jurlique.com and Jurlique stores.

With a plethora of tutti-frutti body washes lining drug store shelves, bar soap is often forgotten. This is why we want to aim some spot light on One With Nature Rose Petal Soap. Thanks to Dead Sea minerals, aloe, shea butter and actual rose petals, lathering up is a dream (you’ll get enough suds to star in your own commercial). This aromatic bar is perfect for folks with dry and sensitive skin. Plus, you’ll be scoring some green points too. One With Nature uses 100% vegetable base, biodegrade wrap and is void of artificial colors and fragrance. You won’t look at bar soap the same way again.

Available at http://www.onewithnature.com

Just like a bouquet of dozen roses, Caroline Chu Gentle Facial Cleanser will leave you beaming and aglow. Armed with rose, cucumber, papaya and willow extracts, this mild formula is a must. Rose extract, in particular, is said to slow down the breakdown of collagen and elastin, without which we are inviting wrinkles. But don’t worry, Caroline Chu will keep you looking youthful.

Available at http://www.carolinechu.com

Speaking of youth, why don’t you also try the Duchess Marden Damascena Rose Anti Wrinkle Serum? Think of it as liquid gold in your bathroom cabinet, three modest drops deliver moisture to wrinkle prone areas like, cheekbones, across the brow and the area around your lips and eyes. Although the serum is slippery, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that instead of an oily film, you’re left with a radiant glow – like a royal.

Available at http://www.beautyhabit.com

Wallet, phone, keys, and Boscia Rose Blotting Sheets, are just a few things that you don’t leave home without. The sheets are a perfect fixer-upper for any occasion. Ever notice how your make-up doesn’t look quite as perfect mid-day? Partying into the wee hours of the night? Working up a sweat over your Valentine’s dinner date? The Boscia Blotting Sheets erase smudges and absorb oil within seconds, all the while leaving a subtle rose scent to linger. Bonus: the teeny-tiny package fits into the smallest clutch, so it’s great to keep around, Valentine’s Day, or not!

Available at http://www.boscia.net and http://www.sephora.com

By now, we all know that eyes measure age. So turn to your new friend Lavera. Lavera Faces Wild Rose Eye Gel, to be precise. Armed with a certified organic base of wild rose extract, jojoba and green tea, Lavera fights puffiness and retains moisture – keeping that delicate eye area in tip-top shape.

Available at http://www.lavera.com

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