Experiencing Ultrasound Skin Tightening at American Laser Skin Care

I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery. Based upon the results I have seen on many fine looking faces, it is not my favorite option to cheat the clock and look like my best younger self. Bloated, puffed-up mechanical looking faces I must confide in you, are not what I call sexy by any standard. Now that younger and younger women are undergoing anti-aging procedures I often want to remind them of some basic rules of beauty. When shopping for plastic procedures, don’t go for the super size portion. Pick the smallest thing on the menu and see how far it takes you. Work with Nature.

Having said that I am not at all opposed to cosmetic procedures as long as they are non-invasive, work with the body’s inner abilities to fight aging and most of all… don’t require knives and hollow needles to get the job done. There are many new alternatives of non-invasive more natural-looking treatments. Laser skincare is one of them and to my discovery a very innocuous way to look a little better without dubious side effects. I discovered such a new Laser beautifying treatment at the American Laser Skin Care Medical Spa by booking an appointment for a skin tightening last month. It claims to tighten the skin around your jaw naturally by injecting infrared radio frequency (RF) energies to stimulate healthy collagen remodeling inside the epidermis. Your body’s own natural and healthy processes are used to heal your skin. After 35, the muscles and skin start losing their elasticity and can benefit from this procedure.

Laser skin treatments use clinically – tested infrared and RF energies to stimulate healthy collagen remodeling inside your skin. It tightens sagging skin and naturally fills in wrinkles at the jaw line around your eyes, at your brow line and around your mouth and cheeks says the American Laser website. There is no mechanical looking end result, nothing bloated or bizarre.

After I arrived and was met graciously by the manager of the spa, I was invited to lie down on a bed inside a little room next to what looked like a huge Xerox machine. My Russian aesthetician, Diane, was very friendly and removed any trace of lotion or sunscreen on my right jaw while explaining to me the process. She then placed a laser gun connected to the Laser machine with a long tube upon my right jaw and touched about 20 points on each side of the lower side of my cheeks. There was a slight pinching as each shot of ultrasonic laser hit the surface but the pain was minimal. When the pain increased at one point, Diane stopped right away and temporarily moved to another area. Some skins are more sensitive than others with more or less pockets of protective fat to buffer the pain so you need to speak up if the charge is uncomfortable.

The procedure only lasted about 20 minutes. In the end Diane slightly massaged my face and added a protective sunscreen before letting me go. I could see in the mirror that a subtle improvement had occurred in my jaw. It did seem a tiny bit less heavy and reenergized as if it had been stimulated by a deep massage. If you want dramatic results you need to return for at least two more treatments spaced four weeks apart. The procedure is not cheap but American Laser offers packages so the more often you go, the less money it costs. After my first visit and the positive natural results I saw this is definitely something I recommend. You can be sure that no one will notice you had something done but only that you look like a brighter, more refined version of yourself.

For more information, consult the company’s website at http://www.Americanlaser.com

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It’s amazing what such a treatment can do with our skin. When I first heard about this option I searched for a skin tightening Toronto center and did an appointment. When I saw that the procedure was done in less than 30 minutes I was like WOW…amazing. I will definitely do it again if I will have to , because I think is the best way to lose the loose skin on my face.

Art Brown

Laser hair removal is definitely worth the money if you are serious about it. I’ve heard some good things about it from people who have been through the process. There are some laser hair removal services in Chicago.


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