Facing Fall: Skincare Transition Time

OMG. You’d think someone who writes on skincare would practice what she preacheth—and most of the time I do. But come summer I get lazy. I admit it: I went to bed night after steamy night sans cleansing. During the day I’d cover my face in sunscreen, I’d get sweaty, I’d get grimy, I’d at least brush my teeth and then I’d pass out. It began as a once in a blue moon thing and by summer’s end it was an every night one. I’d awake to an increasingly clogged, marred and otherwise messy looking moneymaker. Oh I am grateful for a fresh new season and the chance to mend my sorry ways.


I began by restoring my clarity with Clearing Mask by Indie Lee. This product does exactly what it promises. Indiegredients include bentonite, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts and camphor– and don’t include toxins or fragrance. The mask is instantly cooling, the 20 minutes in which it goes to work on your behalf are an ideal way to relax and you are left feeling refreshed, chill and utterly cleansed and clear. My face looked like a clean, smooth canvas with pores amazingly minimized. There was no tightness, only softness and the serene feeling of having restored all back into balance. I vow to never again slide back into my lazy summer daze and to do what Indie says: use weekly.

Available: http://www.Indielee.com


Next I worked on repairs with Fulfill from Demarche Labs. It’s a hyaluronic acid topical filler. That’s right, people: a non-injectable filler. I applied a tiny layer above my lip, on my smile lines and yep, I have ‘em, crow’s feet. Sometime in the summer my upper lip took on the appearance of a long-term smoker’s lip. Lined. Creased. Pocky. The process of visibly smoothing things is supposed to take at least a week but readers I honestly saw a difference with one application. The skin above my lip already looks smoother so you know I’m going to keep using it. I could go on but enough said: this product delivers what it promises. Efficacy is everything.

Available: http://www.demarche.com



I am still using a sunscreen for day but this one does so much more: it’s DCL’s (Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories) Profoundly Effective A Cream SPF 30—and yes, it IS profoundly effective. It moisturizes, protects and includes Vitamin A to help reduce the appearance of fine (and not so fine) lines. I am a big fan of products that multi-task. The contents of this one jar protect, hydrate, firm and smooth and that’s an effective way to face fall in one smooth move. Natural ingredients include extracts of chamomile and camellia leaf. I’ve also added DCL’s Peptide Plus Eye Treatment to my new for fall regimen. It’s a readily absorbed cream that reduces the puff, soothes and smooths with a small dab. The results are truly eye opening. Natural ingredients include squalene, sunflower seed, shea and grape seed oils.

Available: http://www.dclskincare.com


The minimalist in me, who always gets the majority vote, says yes to Ultimate Anti-Aging Trio from Volition. I am wowed by innovation and here it is times 2. This 3-in-1 kit, perfect for travel, includes a Dual Cream Base to which you add a drop or two of Day Active or Night Active Serum depending on which time zone you land in. I am delighted both by the ease of use and the results. My skin feels like my skin—only better. The mix of serum and cream is surprisingly light and readily absorbed leaving no heavy residue. Natural ingredients include myrrha extract, wine extract, rose hips, vitamin C, chamomile and algae extract. These day-parted treatments deliver long-term benefits including brightening, firmness, and hydration. All-day beauty from just one box is cool but Volition wins my vote for empowering you to collaborate and co-create the products you want most. My box is labeled Discovery No.9/Innovator Julie K. In today’s beauty revolution your voice counts with Volition. Go to their website and be heard.

Available: http://www.volitionbeauty.com

My Less is More Award goes to Plant Potion by Horticulture. Michael Pollan said to eat food, mostly plants, and Plant Potion is quite literally composed only of food that feeds your face. The 14 botanicals include essential oil of lavender, divinely scented neroli, calendula infused olive oil, blood orange oil, green tea seed oil, sunflower seed oil, borage seed oil, evening primrose oil, rose hip seed oil and pomegranate oil. I promise: it is not oily on your face. You only need to pat on a few drops, which are quickly absorbed, and you will instantly feel that your skin is softer. Mine looked smoother from the first application. The serum moisturizes so you don’t need to use anything else on top of it. The holistic blend works to promote cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and collagen production. This one multi-tasker brings out my best.

Available: http://www.horticultureskincare.com

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