Fairytales Can Come True


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” I’d say we all are, or rather, we each have the potential to be. Once upon a time, beauty seemed easy to achieve – preadolescence and acne, pre-college and packing on the freshman 15, and pre-menopause and prevailing signs of age (like wrinkles, age spots, and cellulite – yeah, you’ve read this story before). But a happy ending can be had, with or without Prince Charming. You can ride off into the sunset looking super sexy and sleek with just a few revisions to some of your old favorite fables – with, of course, the perfect product suggestions provided as well.

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The Lips for True Love
So Sleeping Beauty is remanded to rest until “true love’s first kiss” finds its way to her room. That’s a sad state of affairs for her and the rest of kingdom, but what would be sadder still is if by the time her man gets there, her lips are totally lackluster – and less than desirable to lock with – because they haven’t been kept in good condition during her several years’ slumber. This is where BeneFit can really do her some good. Their Lipscription kit is a terrific twosome that takes on the tough stuff by providing Buffing Lip Beads to scrub away chapped lips and dry lines, and a Silky Lip Balm that is packed with Vitamin E and chamomile. The combination results in kissable lips that supercede smooth and silky, which would make any man storm the castle to save her. (www.benefitcosmetics.com)

There’s No Place Like a Holistic Home
When Dorothy went to Oz, she fell asleep as well for a little while – in a field of poison poppies. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she wasn’t on such a tight schedule to catch a connection to Kansas because the smell seemed to strike her as soothing. Poppies may not be whole-heartedly a holistic healer (especially if they are poisonous), but Dr. Hauschka’s brilliant line of bath oils are. They offer an amazing aromatherapy experience to suit your every mood and need. For an uplifting encounter that energizes, try the Lemon Bath. Seeking some serenity? Lounge in a tub of Lavender. Rosemary will warm you wherever winter winds – or witches – have worn you down. Spruce is a harmonizer for healing the heart and head. And Sage? Nurtures and revives those dolls like Dorothy who are always on the run. Which still confuses me to this day – why would she rather be in the mild Midwest when she could be enjoying the energetic Emerald City? (www.drhauschka.com)

Little Red Riding Hood Revealed
Do you want to know the real reason the silly girl in scarlet didn’t recognize the wolf posing as her beloved grandmother? Both of them didn’t take care of their hands, and so the aged appendages look so similar they had her confused. This problem could have been alleviated for either one of them if they had invested in a better philosophy – as in hands, the philosophy lightening kit for aging, spotted hands. Due to repeated environmental exposure (which affects those forest-dwelling types most especially), our hands handle a lot of use and abuse. This kit comes with the a.m. “Time On Your Hands” topical skin lightener with sunscreen and the p.m. overnight exfoliating hand and cuticle cream, which combined restores and reinvigorates the sensitive skin that surrounds everything we touch. It’s definitely a desirable item put in your basket of beauty. (www.philosophy.com)

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Snow White and the Sleeping Peel
Envy can be evil. Just look at the lengths the Queen went to, to make sure Snow White’s beauty remained bound – hiring someone kill her in the forest, then after failing, giving her an apple that would take forever to digest because you pass out after the first bite! All of this could have been easily avoided – and a happy ending had for all – if she had just had access to Bliss’ Sleeping Peel Micro Exfoliating Mask. This marvelous facial fixer is super smoothing for the skin, busts blackheads, and has wrinkle-refining amino acid antioxidants. Recapturing her youth, instead of antagonizing an innocent, could have been her claim to fame. Instead, she died a dreadful death. (www.blissspa.com)

Goldilocks Slims Down With the Three Bears
She was nosey. We all know that. She invaded their house, broke a chair, fell asleep in the bed, but worst of all, she ate their porridge. That I found outrageous. To try a spoonful of everyone’s one meal seems a little selfish and over-indulgent. She must have packed on a few pounds from that process. My best advice for her? Try out the tangerine dream of Davies Gate Allspice Sweet Orange Firming Body Masque. The energizing citrus scent is coupled with the easy application of a smooth streamlining solution that goes on in a liquid-like form and dries within 5 to 8 minutes. After you rinse it off, skin feels significantly tighter because the masque conditions, firms, and hydrates – and that’s all the help she should be snooping around for now. (www.daviesgate.com)

Let Down Your Locks
Rapunzel had really long hair. Maintaining and managing a mane like hers couldn’t have been easy, and I’m sure the concept of running your fingers through it was the last thought on her man’s mind. Hanging it out the window and having someone climb up it must have done some damage. But if she had had a product like L’Occitane Shea Butter Mask, her strands might have been a bit easier to save and style. This product revitalizes and moisturizes dry and damaged tresses. Leave it on for 20 minutes after shampooing and your hair will look and feel heavenly. It can also be used as a grooming cream when blow-drying to smooth and tame fly-aways. A great investment for someone who has a heavy load to handle. (www.loccitane.com)

If the Shoe Fits..
Make sure you have feet that look regal enough to impress the royals! Cinderella slaved away on her soles all day doing hard labor for her less-than-loving stepmother. But once her fairy godmother granted her wish to attend the ball, things started looking up. After she left her glass slipper at the scene, we knew the prince would take home whomever’s tootsies fit it to a “T.” How horrible would it have been if her pedicure was less than picture-book perfect? She’d have no problem there if she had employed the services of Jaqua’s Feet Treats Kit. There are four new accoutrements in their Bakery Collection, which incorporates a true at-home spa experience with the delicious delicacies of a foaming Orange Vanilla Pumice Foot Scrub and Lemon Custard Body Butter. The kit comes complete with a nail file, “recipe for use” card, and a bonus sparkly flowered toe ring. (www.jacquagirls.com)

So what’s the lesson to be learned from these stories? Never take your beauty for granted, and buy in bulk if you find a product that’s magical in its make-up!!!


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