Fresh Cleans up for Fall

An apple a day keeps the dermatologist away. Everyone knows that apples are good for you and now the favorite fruit’s skin care benefits are being put to good use in the new Appleseed Resurfacing Kit from Fresh.


The easy at-home treatment kit uses a new approach to chemical peels that harnesses the intrinsic skin care properties of the apple and mixes that with glycolic acid, a citrus AHA complex, with a radiance renewal complex. Apple fruit extract rich in polyphenols protects against premature aging and shields skin from harsh environmental effects. The luscious flesh of green apples yields apple powder loaded with Vitamin C and sugars that soften skin and improve texture.

The three- step process includes an activator, peel, and soother and takes a mere ten minutes. The gentle, foaming activator was refreshing and made my sensitive skin tingle in a comfortable invigorating way, while sloughing off all the dead dry skin. After waiting the recommended 30 to 60 seconds, I began applied a thin layer of the peel on top of the activator. The light gel felt smooth and cooling and had a little kick of a fruity scent to it.

After a quick five to eight minute wait, I rinsed my face with warm water, patted dry and went on to the last step in the resurfacing kit, the soother, which is fortified with lipid restoration proteins (translation: good stuff) that help replenish lost moisture to the skin for post-peel complexions. My skin absorbed this light lotion immediately. Having dry, sensitive skin, I was wary this lotion would deliver sufficient moisture, but after rubbing it in I couldn’t find any dry patches. My normally breakout prone t-zone area looked smooth and my pores were practically undetectable.

Unlike other more abrasive at-home chemical peels, the Appleseed Resurfacing Kit was ultra gentle and there were no worries about post-peel irritation, even on my super sensitive skin. Seeing is believing and I was able to witness results of an effective yet gentle beauty treatment that left my skin smooth, moisturized and blemish-free.


Calling all sensitive skin beauties! Fresh’s second standout product for fall is the Cucumber Cleansing Foam. This dream of a cleanser is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. Myself being in that category, I set out to test the soothing powers of the almighty cucumber. Unlike many cleansers, the Cucumber Cleansing foam is soap-free and lightweight and is enriched with cucumber extract, evening primrose, and plum seed oil to boot. I found it to be especially beneficial for my sensitive, dry skin.

Fresh laboratories took three years to develop and formulate the gentle surfactant derived from oat amino acids that hydrate skin. The rich, creamy foam purifies skin as it dissolves dirt and impurities while maintaining skin’s moisture levels. Melon fruit extract rich in vitamins A and C helps skin retain its elasticity while peony root extract acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that keeps skin bright and clear.

I began using the cleansing foam on a Monday and loved the crisp, natural cucumber scent in the mornings; it was just enough to wake my senses without overpowering them. It kept my skin looking bright and healthy, while reducing any redness and unevenness in my complexion. By the end of the week, my lackluster skin felt more supple, and the any sign of breakouts were tempered.

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