From East to West: The Gift of Beauty


Thai and Ayurvedic beauty treatments have not been viewed as sweet indulgences in their places of origin, but rather as an integral part of life. Since we can all benefit from that sound perspective, here’s how you can Thai-up your skin care and revitalize, Ayurvedic-style.


The authentically Thai and holistic Panpuri line utilizes aromas from pure plant essential oils and extracts native to the country, instead of added fragrances, and all ingredients are plant-based and hypoallergenic. Based on a respect for nature and a belief in the healing properties of herbs, flowers, oils and plants, this fortifying line uses cloves, lemongrass, sandalwood, ylang ylang and jasmine to impart natural beauty. World-renowned hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi and Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok provide this line to guests as an added luxury.

Panpuri products include Leading Light Precious Wood Bath & Body Massage Oil, Thai Original Herbal compress, and Come Clean Thai Jasmine Honey Bath Salt, as well as an array of facial and hair care products for complete head-to-toe pampering. Visit


Ayurveda is a science of well-being and one of the oldest documented bodies of holistic medical knowledge. This system of plant oils and herbs is bottled for you in the Kama Ayurveda line. Extracts from the Banyan tree help smooth fine lines, and sandalwood, vetiver and lotus cool and cleanse the skin while helping to clear blemishes. Antiseptic licorice protects against bacterial and fungal infections, and herbs, cereals, saffron, cardamom, coconut, castor, neem, gooseberry, milk, sesame, neeli, winter cherry, balloon vine, jelly leaf, pulses and nuts are all put to use in various Kama Ayurveda products to keep you healthy and gorgeous.

Products in this balancing line encompass: beauty fluid, plant mask, soap-free face cleanser, re-texturizing soap, revitalizing soap, purifying soap, intensive hair treatment (which thickens and conditions!), rejuvenating body treatment, firming treatment, re-texturizing skin treatment and soap-free cleanser. Find them at

Try for yourself what women have been using for 5,000-plus years to keep skin soft and luminous, and add thickness and sheen to hair, and most of all – to feel an integral part of nature’s beautiful bounty.

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