Frozen in Time: the Stem Cell Facial

Popping up everywhere throughout the country, MedSpas certainly seem to be the wave of the future, falling somewhere between a spa and a doctor or plastic surgeon. Founded in 2006, TriBeca MedSpa boasts treatments like medical pedicures, Leg Vein Laser Therapy, BLU-U acne treatments, Vibraderm and the controversial ‘Frozen in Time’ Live Stem Cell Skin Therapy facial, which uses live bovine stem cell to boost hydration and fight aging.

I visited TriBeca MedSpa on a blustery Friday afternoon in December and was welcomed into a relaxing waiting room complete with a wall of flowing water, a flat screen television playing black and white movies and plates of healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts tempered with plates of less-healthy snacks (for gals like me) of rugulach and black & white cookies. After filling out the requisite paperwork and release forms, my medical aesthetician, Camillia Zheng led me to the treatment room, which was dimly lit, with soft music playing. I changed into a cushy robe and slippers and slipped into the luxuriously heated treatment chair.


TriBeCa MedSpa is one of the first medical spas in New York City to offer ‘Frozen in Time,’ touted as a break-through therapy that generates cell growth to renew damaged skin. New tissue and skin cells are created with the introduction of frozen stem cells, originating from organically-fed bovines. The frozen stem cells are applied topically to surface skin to remind it to produce healthy cells at the same rate it did in teenage years. This new bovine ingredient peaks results within 144 hours. ‘Frozen in Time” is ideal for most skin types and can hydrate, restore, tighten and firm skin. The treatment is available in both Hydrating and Firming formulations.

As it’s important to choose the appropriate treatments for your skin type, Camillia gave me just a hint of the ‘Frozen in Time’ facial on drier spots of my face and then a sampling of treatments that would be more appropriate for my skin type, including Vibraderm, a crystal-free version of microdermabrasion that helps reduce fine lines and acne/scarring. Vibraderm left my skin feeling smooth and polished, with no pain during the procedure, just faint redness and just a mild feeling of windburn when I stepped into the cool TriBeca evening.

My problem skin also experienced BLU-U, a blue-light treatment designed to treat moderate acne by killing the very bacteria that causes it. Experiencing BLU-U feels a bit sci-fi. Donning goggles, you sit in front of the very high-tech BLU-U machine for repeat sessions that generally last about 15 minutes. You don’t really “feel” anything and there are no side effects to note. BLU-U treatments generally last for up to five weeks, with 1-3 weekly sessions and help control or clear acne.

Staffed by friendly and knowledgeable professionals, TriBeca MedSpa is an excellent destination for treatments that are best left to medical aestheticians. TriBeca MedSpa is located at 114 Hudson Street. For an appointment, call 212-929-9500.

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