Fruit is in Season!


Summer is the season of many wonderful things. Chances are you’ll want to get out and enjoy all it has to offer – while it lasts.

Whether playing barefoot Frisbee in the park, or spending a day at the beach, your skin will be exposed this summer. Why not prepare for it with one of summer’s best treats?

Fruit salad, my personal favorite trademark of summer, just does not seem to taste as good any other time of year. Maybe it’s the ripe, juicy freshness that makes this treat for the senses so delicious.

When making a fruit salad, a few considerations must be made. Color is first and foremost. Make life interesting and mix it up with reds, yellows, purples and greens. Don’t forget about the texture and smell, which should by no means be underestimated. They go hand in hand representing that fresh, moist smell of the season. Additionally, all of those beautifully different fruits nourish your body from the inside out.

Thanks to MOR Cosmetics, our skin can enjoy the benefits of the perfect summer fruit salad. Developed in 2001, MOR Cosmetics is quickly growing into one of the hottest brands of body products. Since then, the Australian-based company, founded by Dianna Burmas and Deon Luretigh, has made more than 350 products.

MOR’s Juice line, made up of summer’s most provocative fruit scents will give your skin that fresh summer feeling. Cumquat, one of MOR’s most popular scents and a personal favorite, smells as great as its relative the orange. Lemongrass, like the Lemon it stems from, smells crisp and clean. With its soft scent, LillyPilly has the freshness of baby powder. Both Passionfruit and Grapefruit smell like the fruits from which they were named, and yet have distinctive tart sweetness all their own. Along with their delicate fragrance, the products will keep your skin clean and smooth.

Though all of the products made me feel silky and luxurious, some are exceptional.

I loved the Hot Salt Rub, which left my hands remarkably soft days after use. It exfoliates dead skin on those trouble spots like feet or elbows. Rub it on in a circular motion to slough away dead skin cells and reveal the baby soft skin underneath. The salt in this fun product will make you feel like you just stepped out of the ocean.

The Body Butter looks and feels as the title suggests – like butter. It has a delicate texture like cold cream. The Butter rubs on easily and leaves skin moist. A little goes a long way, but you’ll return to the jar again and again for its smooth results.

MOR’s Lip Balm, an essential in any woman’s bag, will no doubt find its place into yours – as it has in mine. As well as revealing dry, cracked lips, it leaves a fruity scent for you or anyone lucky enough to get close and smell it.

At the end of the day, come home and relax with Bath Foam. This big bottle of luxury will allow you to soak away your cares and enjoy the carefree days of summer. The bubbles will fill your bathroom with the fragrance of your favorite Juice.

After experiencing the luxury that MOR’s juicy fruit salad has to offer, do you still have room for dessert? Top it off with MOR’s Dolce line. How sweet it is with such flavors as Gelato and Sorbet. Dessert never looked so good – or looked as good on you!

MOR can be found in more than 150 high-end specialty stores including Henri Bendel and Fred Segal, or check out You’ll find it is everything promised and more.

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