Get a Springtime Glow…Mesoglow!

I have to start this by saying that I hate needles. Can’t look at them, wince when one gets near me, and my tummy turns into knots when I know I’m about to get stuck with one. That said, I’ve got to tell you about an exciting procedure that’s new to the US, and of course we New Yorkers get it first! And I promise… doesn’t hurt…. I promise……not at all!!!!

It’s called MesoGlow or Vitaglow and it’s the process of injecting many micro-injections of multiple vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, and E) into the face for facial rejuvenation. First, a little background info is in order here: Mesotherapy is a medical process that involves medicine being directly injected into the skin, using multiple shallow injections in the area that needs treatment. Mesotherapy is used for cellulite reduction, hair restoration, sports injuries, and a host of other issues. It was created in France in 1952 and has been popular and effective there ever since. Recently it started becoming accepted here, as more and more American doctors travel to France to learn the technique.


I’ve been having vitamin Mesotherapy facial injections in Paris for about six years now, and was thrilled when I recently learned I could now get it done in New York. Plastic surgeon Dr. Shirley Madhere MD, PC, who along with her surgery practice, is also a believer in having great glowing skin learned the technique in France and now gives patients a Mesoglow in her uptown and downtown offices. A lot closer than Paris!

A Mesoglow treatment is nothing like Botox or filler. It’s not targeted to one spot and you’re not going to see a huge difference in one area. Dr. Madhere says, “The objectives are four-fold: increased hydration, improved moisture, collagen stimulation, and augmented skin nutrition. The effects are a radiant glow, healthier skin over time, and firmer skin that is more taut”. It’s subtle, yet wonderful when your friends and colleagues tell you how great you look!

The Procedure:

I met with Dr. Madhere in her downtown Soho office for my treatments. Behind the fashionable woman with flawless skin, lurks the brain of a medicine geek who can talk plastic surgery techniques, proteins and peptides as well as she can talk Prada. A unique combination of a scientist with style, Dr. Madhere loves to bring out the beauty in her patients. After removing my make-up and cleaning my face with alcohol, she filled the syringe with a cocktail of vitamins. She showed me the short, tiny needle while I relaxed and she ran the tip of the needle all over my face like a skater gliding over the ice. It felt more like she was drawing a picture, rather than pricking me with multiple injections. With Mesotherapy, the doctor has a choice of using a special Mesotherapy “gun” or injecting one by one. My doctor in Paris uses the gun, while Dr. Madhere prefers to hold the syringe herself and inject one by one. Having experienced both, I can honestly say that there’s no difference from the patient’s point of view. Neither one hurts.

The results:

The results are almost immediate. The next day, my skin….. well…..glowed. It just looks better, plumper and healthier. Though you can do this at anytime, it’s especially wonderful to do a couple of days before a special event where you want to look your best. To keep an ongoing healthy glow and to derive an ongoing effect the suggested protocol is to have it done weekly or every other week for 3-5 weeks and then for maintenance, once every 3-6 months. The vitamins are healthy and the radiant look achieved is addictive, I’ll be doing this regularly in NY, and will do other things in Paris! Oh la la!

Dr. Shirley Madhere

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