Get Your Face Holiday Ready with the Perfect Derma Peel

Beautiful Skin. Don’t we all crave it? Having healthy glowing skin with a satin soft texture and a porcelain-like finish is what we want to see when we look into the mirror. It’s often one of our first beauty yearnings as little girls. A clear glowing skin is like a perfect backdrop against which all our features simply stand out better. It is like the placid surface of the lake that soothes the soul with its soft shine. However, heredity and genes often predestine us to either a great complexion or a problem one. Today though, with all the breakthroughs in scientific research in the understanding of what makes great skin, there is less and less reason to feel hopeless if we didn’t win the genetic great skin lottery; or if time has started to make our visage lackluster. There are incredible new peels out there which can do so much, so quickly. I recently had the joy of trying the Perfect Derma Peel and I was totally blown away by the results.
In less than a week, I saw my complexion transform into a much more even, clearer, younger looking and glowing version itself. Brown spots and small wrinkles were gone, with no pain or significant discomfort. This is how it happened….

What is The Perfect Derma Peel?
It is a medium level peel that works on all skin types. By combining trichloroacetic acid (TCA), phenol, salicylic acids and retinoic acid to exfoliate the skin, it removes superficial wrinkles, increases cell renewal and corrects pigment problems. It also uses glutathione, a very effective antioxidant with anti aging benefits. Most people stop producing their own glutathione at about age 40 which causes the body to have less capacity to fight off toxins. The glutathione in this peel penetrates deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight free radical damage and wrinkles. Add to that a shot of kojic acid that tightens and brightens the skin along with increasing elastin production and you have the perfect cocktail.

I had my Perfect Derma Peel done at the office of Dr. Norman Rowe on New York’s Upper East Side. His skincare specialist, Melissa Knudson, RN performed the treatment. First, all makeup, oil and dirt were removed to have a perfectly smooth base. Then the peel solution was applied. Afterwards, I left the office with a home kit to finish the treatment on my own over the course of several days. It’s important to keep the initial peel solution on the skin for at least 6 hours, and if not experiencing any irritation, the peel solution can remain on longer, even overnight. Since I did not feel any discomfort, I kept the solution on until the next morning.

On day 2, I washed and dried the treated areas with the Perfect Derma Cleanser. I then applied the first post peel solution which is provided in towelette form and must be left for 30 minutes before applying the daytime moisturizer, Mineral Perfection Tinted SPF 30. This helps to hide any inflammation that may occur if your skin is sensitive. For me, it worked really well at hiding redness and providing relief from tightness that started occurring during the second day. In the evening, I applied the second post peel towelette to the treated areas and left the solution on overnight. If I experienced any tightness I was told not to hesitate to apply the Perfect Derma Moisturizer which contains hydrocortisone to give relief to tightness or dryness. I did apply it several times.

On day 3, I started peeling. In order to hide it, I applied the Perfect Derma Moisturizer several times throughout the day and as instructed, resisted the urge to pick or pull on the skin. I had to meet people during the third day but a combination of the post peel moisturizer and the tinted lotion helped hide the small layers of dry skin peeling off. My skin started looking very radiant on day 3 and the peeling was a small inconvenience next to the benefits that were already coming through. During this process, heavy exercise is not to be done in order to avoid sweating the acids out. Make sure to apply the Mineral Perfection/Tinted SPF 30 every 2 hours during sun exposure. I did experience a lot of tightening and drying after the third day but applying the Perfect Derma moisturizer whenever I felt my skin tighten too much brought immediate relief. My skin started glowing after 3 days, and by day 7 the results were incredible. I have not had such young looking, fresh, clear, even and luminous texture since I was in my twenties. It is like my skin was a grey blurry sky and soon became a silky clear one. Some brown spots on my nose disappeared as well as small wrinkles around my eyes. After the treatment was finished and my skin was healed and calmed, I drenched it with the vitamin C and Retinol included in the kit. The skin can absorb it even better now that it is free of dead cells and debris, and the healthy glow will stay long past the holidays.

I will definitely redo this treatment in a few months because not only did it made my skin look awesome but I’ve realized how essential it is to clear the top layer of the dead cells that accumulate on the surface, and how without doing so, many of the products we put on our face can’t reach as deep due to the dead cell build-up.

To find out for yourself how to get better looking skin in a week’s time, make an appointment at:
Norman M. Rowe, MD
71 East 77th Street – 1A
New York, NY 10075

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