Get Your Skin Ready for Fall, Naturally!

I find that every change of season is inspiring and motivates me to prepare for what’s ahead. The more natural/organic products I have the privilege to experience, the more I appreciate those that delight, deliver what they promise, are tried and true and/or innovative.

My first must-have for fall is Ageless Clarity Facial Blotting Papers from Nuance Salma Hayak. Oh Salma, you so cool. I applaud you for being so inspired by your grandma and for making products available at CVS for all to enjoy. The blotting papers are infused with extracts of green tea leaf and tea tree leaf and leave you feeling refreshed; your face matte and your makeup intact. Compact enough to replace your compact; perf for makeup bags, desk drawers and travel totes.

Avail: CVS stores and

I am a cucumber-holic and love the scent of the cooling extract—aka cucumis sativus fruit – in Skinnaturals’ Calming Cleanser. I don’t do sun but by the end of summer my face feels parched and dry. This cleanser is indeed calming and does a fabulous job. Ahhhhhh.


After a calming cleanse, a spray of Miessence’s Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist refreshes and hydrates in an utterly satisfying way. The mist would be great on a long flight, say to India post-monsoon season. Without exaggeration, this is my fave facial rose spray evah! It’s the real deal, infused with organic rosa damascene and I would like a lifetime supply.


A great way to face fall is with Alba Botanica’s Good & Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel. Buh-bye summer sins, hello back-to-school you. The non- noxious fruit acids do a thorough job of de-toxifying your face without leaving it red, raw or stinging. Gentle enough to use 2x or more a week. And yes, it really does make pores look smaller—without leaving you a lot more poor.

Avail: and Whole Foods Market

After you’ve cleansed, cleared, calmed and re-claimed your personal canvas, it’s time to treat yourself to a beauty boost with Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster-Serum from Eminence Organic Skin Care. Yum, I love licorice – but no worries this serum is a light greenish and goes on clear. You can add it to a mask or moisturizer or use as an extra-strength serum before moisturizing. It evens out skin tone, just the thing to leave you looking fresh for fall.

Avail: http://www.eminenceorganics. com

Soothe & Repair Oil from Green & Glam contains extracts of sea buckthorn, frankincense, pomegranate seed, sandalwood oil, geranium leaf oil, rose leaf oil, calendula and lots more food-for-your face in a blend of sunflower seed oil and shea nut butter. It’s hard to believe this tiny bottle is so packed with the power to fix your face for fall. A few drops of this geranium-scented elixir works wonders. I’ve been using it instead of moisturizer and am awed by the glowing results.


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