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With the dawn of the 21st century also come technological innovations for the skincare industry, one of the largest and most important sectors in the beauty business. We’ve reviewed at-home skincare devices like the Earth Oxygen machine in the past, and some idebenone-filled powerhouse creams. In this issue, we’ve given you a skincare line that you can’t afford to live without, and the debut of Rejuvawand, a device that significantly diminishes – if not banishes – wrinkles from your face. BeautyNews subscribers will receive a 10% discount if you order at using the code BeautyNews, upon checkout.


The Rejuvawand

“I’m willing to bet a Birkin bag that if I had to make a list of New Yorkers’ daily annoyances, wrinkles and lines would be two nuisances that come pretty close to the top,” says Marc Maisel, VP of Marketing and Sales of Rejuvawand.

Sure, there’s nothing worse than having a cute outfit ruined because you don’t have time to iron your skirt, and the lines at Whole Foods during the lunch rush are bad enough to make even Gandhi take a few impatient glances at his watch. So, wretched wrinkles and long lines are inevitable in the daily grind. But on your face? That’s another story altogether.

The creators of this beauty tool know how traumatic it can be when we realize that fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to make their appearance. With the frenzy of an Olympic sprinter, we rush to the dermatologist, begging for creams, chemical peels, laser resurfacing – anything to keep us from resembling that adorable little French bulldog that we pass in the pet store window every morning on our way to work. However, those procedures aren’t cheap, and they don’t exactly tickle, either: some treatments actually boil the water in your skin to smooth wrinkles.

The Rejuvawand is a home tool that uses cold infrared light as a painless way to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so that the skin does not experience any negative heat effect. Unlike laser resurfacing or chemical peels, which literally boil the water in skin, the Rejuvawand elicits a chemical reaction to reverse the oxidation that breaks down fibroblasts and creates the appearance of wrinkles. Its selective harmonic vibration helps to produce new capillaries, thereby increasing blood flow and stimulating the lymphatic system to flush toxins that make skin look dull.


Priced at a reasonable $199.95, the wand is painless on your skin. It comes with a recharging base, and can be used up to ten times on a single charge to erase fine lines and wrinkles. By using selective harmonic vibration to flatten the skin and increase surface area, the wand ensures maximum results in minimal time: it only takes four minutes a day when used in conjunction with the recommended skincare regimen for the user to see results in approximately thirty days.

Best of all, Rejuvawand is remarkably easy to use. A pause at each minute ensures that the user can keep count of the time spent on each region of the face, and the gel allows the wand to glide smoothly over the skin.

To purchase, visit and enter the code BeautyNews upon checkout to receive 10% off. Now stop raising your eyebrows at all these incredible features: you’ll get wrinkles that way.


The first cosmeceutical line jointly formulated by medical professionals and estheticians, Dermelect has products to give you spa-quality treatments with strong skincare ingredients with proven efficacy. The line of products seeks to battle anti-aging and targets eyes, face, neck, body and lips.


The powerful quartet of anti-aging products includes Cellular Redefining Face Serum, Confidence Injection Crease Concentrate, Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment and the Line Correction Eye Gel.


The face serum restructures the skin’s ‘anti-thirst’ shield by promoting a hydro-lipidic balance. It has Hyaluronic Acid, comfrey and green tea that promotes skin firmness and elasticity. The aptly named confidence injection Crease Concentrate aims to energize facial muscle groups with its patented Hylaronic Filling Spheres and RetiSTAR Stabilized Retinol.


My favorite, the Empower MP Anti-Wrinkle TreatmenT combats wrinkles so powerfully that you’ll be surprised to see the results (I certainly was). It has two new multi-peptides and is a topical alternative to injections.


The Smooth Upper Lip and Perioral Anti Aging Treatment is the only product on the market that addresses upper lip aging, and works to combat the shadowy sub nose pigmentation (which woman enjoys a mustache-like shadow?). It softens frown lines and has matrixul, arbutin, GABA and collagen.

For more information, visit

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