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Overachieving Multitasker
Fit for the monarchy itself, Perfectil – a beauty and health supplement that has received rave reviews in Europe – has launched in the United States. Manufactured by Vitabiotics, each capsule contains a unique bounty of 24 nutrients to ensure that your skin remain clear and radiant, your hair become thick and glossy and your nails are perfect. I have been religiously popping the supplement (which doubles as a multivitamin) every day for the past month and my skin is now blemish free and my pores have become smaller. Plus, my hair is much less prone to breakage. A royal feat? Indeed.


Suitable for vegetarians, the supplement is free from gelatin, gluten, starch and yeast. The vitamins included in each pill are Vitamins E, C, B complex, manganese, betacarotene, grape seed extract, magnesium, zinc, and biotin, copper and iodine. Vitabiotics received the Queen’s Award, the loftiest commercial award for UK-based businesses.

Best of all, you can pick up this perfect pack of 30 supplements at any Duane Reade, Eckerd/Brooks and Wilners, as well as and

Moisturizing Life Line
Darwin may have been right about evolution, but our skin still needs help when it comes to adapting to the environment. Clinique’s revolutionary Continuous Antioxidant Moisturizer gives you the continuous help your skin needs to ward of the oxidation process. Packed in a polyfoil tube, the moisturizer combats free radicals throughout the day using an ingredient called Eukarion-134, which recycles itself (unlike other antioxidants that get used up and lose their potency once they’ve done their job).


The moisturizer comes in three formulations for all skin types and we love the texture and feel of it. Visit Clinique counters or to get your skin the best topical bodyguard it can have.


Clarity Redifined
True radiance can be achieved with La Mer’s new Radiant infusion, which dazzles the skin with instant clarity and pore minimizing effects. The key ingredients in this light infusion are ionizing sea salts, Radiant Ferments and antioxidants. The skin is washed with a wave of beneficial electrolytes. For more information, visit


A Novel way to Clear Skin: NOVAtique
The Nova Skin Care System, developed by Glen Kertz, CEO of Valcent products, is an at-home skin care regimen that does a job good enough for many to ignore botox and other pricey skin treatments. The kit includes a NOVAtique skin care appliance and micro fiber applicator pads. The NOVAtique appliance targets hard to reach areas such as the nose, chin, and eyes with its powerful motor magnets, and it also has three options of speed motions that can be selected by the user. Your face will feel the soft vibrating impact as this teardrop-shaped applicator reduces the impurities and delivers moisture to the skin.

The micro fiber pads enable the channeled fiber to enter the skin’s pores, removing dirt and impurities and thus replenishing and promoting healthy skin overall. The Purify foaming cleanser consists of botanicals such as rosemary, as well as anti-aging components. The Reveal, an exfoliator, smoothes and soothes the skin. The Quench lives up to its name and is a deep-penetrating moisturizer and a non-oily hydrator.

This easy-to-use system comes with an instructional guide and results can be seen in as little as a week. Visit for more information and to purchase.

Naturally Active Skincare From Over the Pond
England is just full of fabulous things that I covet -tea, biscuits, Hugh Laurie, Clive Owen; the list grows – but I digress. As the proud owner of temperamental, cranky, oily skin, I’ve tried a myriad of products designed to remedy the situation. The best of the bunch to date, you ask? Brit skincare goddess Liz Earle and her line of ‘naturally active skincare.’


The unequaled star of the line is the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Apply to dry skin and gently massage in to remove makeup and city grime. Soak the accompanying muslin cloth in hot water, squeeze out the excess liquid and remove the cleanser. Voila! The muslin’s natural texture exfoliates skin without a hint of irritation.

Visit for more information or to purchase.


The Gentlest Cleanser You’ve Ever Tried
When I washed my face with Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil, I was in disbelief. The texture of oil with the residue of the best cleanser, the product left my skin immaculate and supple as a baby’s. This is a new formulation of the original Cleansing Oil, and it is probably the gentlest makeup remover and cleaner you can get your hands on. Using a combination of herb extracts (including Sinensis Fruit Extract and Jobi Seed Oil), this is a good bet for those with particularly sensitive skins. To purchase, go to


“Anti” aging? So is this Serum!
The Osmotics’ line of anti-aging skin products has an addition to its family: the Blue Copper 5 Face Lifting Serum. The product combines copper peptide with advanced technology to help repair sagging skin and firm wrinkles. Ingredients include seed extract (great for antioxidant effects) and amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond), which is a gentle and mild oil that protects the skin’s barrier system. Apply the light serum to cleansed face and neck daily under makeup and let it work its magic. For more information, visit

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