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She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

– Lord Byron

The great English poet Lord Byron wrote these memorable lines that sang praises of his beloved. November is a month where BeautyNews is grateful for all that makes us beautiful and graceful, and the world of skincare is no exception. We’ve been busy examining and trying the latest miracle creams and anti-wrinkle potions available on the market. Here are some that we’re really thankful for!

cellcosmeteyecontour.jpg cellmen.jpg

Cellcosmet may be the guarded secret of the skincare cosmos, with a select following and virtually zero publicity (let’s put it this way: if you’ve heard of them, you know your skincare stuff!). Cellcosmet’s lines are inspired by cellulotherapy, which simply means that tired and lifeless cells (or aging and mature cells) are revitalized by coming into contact with a young cell. Consider your skin as a living, breathing organ that responds to stimulation and exchanges. Cellcosmet’s creams have active and stabilized bio-integral cells that will recharge your skin’s older ones.

Cellcosmet is grouped according to three main lines: cyto (cell) based, phyto based (pure plant extracts), and one that combines both. This Swiss company has a sweet little counter in Saks Fifth Avenue where you can receive samples and purchase their products. Choose from a realm of products from the Concentrated Day Skincream to the CellBust-XT-A bust firming gel. There are also products for men in the Cellmen line.

For more information, visit

We are thankful for the fact that the Europeans really know and care about their beauty regimen. Which is why we were thrilled to hear that Walgreens will house a new beauty center replete with luxurious products directly flown in from Europe (without the funny languages on the boxes, that is).

A mini beauty store in the drugstore will carry high-end and affordable skincare lines from France to Greece (there are seven brands in all). What’s more, you can receive samples and professional help while you shop. The best part is that the lines are superbly priced: from $13 – $60. What more could a girl ask for?

arnaud.jpg artdeco.jpg

Here are some of the European Beauty Collection products: Institut Arnaud Paris has been a staple in French spas for over 60 years. We love their Eye and Lip Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Youthful Radiance Serum. Artdeco, hailing from Germany, uses high-end ingredients including caviar, white lotus and liquid silk in their skincare lines. Try their Caviar Base, an exceptionally light and cool gel with caviar beads, and the fabulous All In One Manicure that soften your cuticles, exfoliate skin and leave your hands smelling of freshly peeled tangerines.

skincode.jpg redwater.jpg

My personal favorite is Skincode from Switzerland. Since I have sensitive skin, I appreciated the fact that all the creams were unscented, and made with all natural purified ingredients. Other brands in the collection include Spa Aquatique from France, Red Water from Greece (whose natural blend of thermal spring water, organic olive oil and herbs are rich in minerals), La Fleur and Oli from Spain.

lafleur.jpg oli.jpg

For more information and to view the complete collection, visit

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