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Ever wonder how the celebrities achieve that flawless, plumped up complexion on the red carpet? Trust me; it’s not something that can be achieved by exfoliating and hydrating your skin at home or covering imperfections with concealer. It takes the help of some innovative new lasers. There’s a new specialized facial treatment that can dramatically improve the appearance of your complexion even if you have years of sun damage or are plagued by some skin flaws. Welcome the Halo By Sciton a new hybrid fractional laser treatment that will give you dramatic results. A single session can improve your skin texture and enlarged pores, reduce wrinkles and acne scars, and give your skin an overall refreshed appearance. You’ll have skin like an angel.

I experienced the Halo treatment at the Manhattan office of plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz. The lovely upper east side facility has comfortable treatment rooms and a friendly staff. Dr Schwartz is gifted with extreme patience, and will spend all the time necessary to explain the steps of the procedure, answering all questions and never giving a sense of being rushed or otherwise distracted. I really appreciated that.

Prior to thoroughly cleansing my face, Dr Schwartz gave me Valtrex as a precaution against skin reactions. Additionally he applied a topical anesthetic to my face 30 minutes before treatment to reduce sensation and then assessed my skin by having me insert my head into an infrared machine that revealed exactly the amount of sun damage that needed to be eradicated. It is quite something to be able to look inside your skin and be shown all the wreckage and abuse in need of attention. For me the areas of concern were the nose and cheeks that showed a lot of sun damage even though I am not one to bask my face in the sun. However, years of careless teenage sun exposure are now seen by the device and it’s not pretty. Dr Schwartz explained that I could choose between either a light or a more intense treatment. The more intense treatment, not as painless as the light one, offers more dramatic results, so I opted for it. He explained that with the more serious treatment, I would have to deal with redness and peeling for more than a few days after. Therefore if you have any special events coming up allow at least ten days of down time for healing. He then brought me to the treatment room where I got comfortable and he set the hand piece in gear and started rolling over the surface of my skin for 20 minutes.

During the procedure, two different wavelengths target both the upper and lower layers of skin at once. One set of wavelengths repairs sun damage, discoloration, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone while the other set targets the bottom layer.

The laser sends heat to the face and felt similar to lying in the sun on the beach on a hot day and being seriously baked. I also sensed some discomfort as if my skin was being plucked or picked with tiny needles but the discomfort occurred more towards the end of the session. However Dr Schwartz ‘s kind and patient manner helps in making the experience bearable. During the procedure, pigment from the damaged skin is brought to the surface and causes a deep lobster-like redness all over the face when the procedure is finished. Afterwards, he immediately applied a soothing moisturizer to calm the inflammation and gave me a bag with a tube of Avene’s Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream, a soothing lotion to help reduce redness as well as two jars of his own skincare to cleanse my face and protect it from the sun without irritating it. His assistant covered my face with makeup that he has created and is still testing to help his patients conceal redness. It really does the job hiding lobster face as no one gave me funny looks on the street or in the subway. I applied ice during the first 24 hours to reduce the heat and also applied the Avene cream and Dr. Schwartz’ products. The skin started to peel on the third day revealing fresher skin but a few spots on my nose and the sides of my face were covered with a brownish crust for more than a week. When people asked me why I was peeling, I explained that I had gotten a bad sunburn while skiing which is exactly what my face looked like. After 10 days, the last dead skin fell off and my complexion looked so good that I didn’t care how terrible I looked the past week. It’s totally worth it because the results speak for themselves and anyone who is really looking for a way to improve their skin, get rid of sun damage and have a dewier complexion and glowing skin should try the Halo.

Over the following weeks, the tissues below the surface will keep regenerating so that not only will the surface of the skin look younger but the deep damage from aging and sun exposure below your skin will continue being repaired. After 4 weeks my skin still seems to be improving as the deeper healing is going on. One session seemed sufficient for me but if you have specific skin issues such as acne marks or deep sun damage or deep lines, you may need to get more than one treatment.

The cost of Halo varies between $1175 to $1400 but the results may last several years provided that you keep your face out of the sun and use sunscreen on a daily basis.
For more information about Halo at dr Schwartz’s office consult Dr Mark Schwartz 79 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075 212 737 9090

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