Have a Yen for Smooth Skin? Try Rice Force from Japan


Kagawa, Japan HQ of Rice Force

Rice Force, the unique Japanese skin care line created from fermented white rice extract is one of those “secret handshake” hard to find brands we at BeautyNewsNYC.com love to tell our readers about. Its creation began years ago when the owner of a sake brewery discovered that the craftsmen of his factory who were in direct contact with the main ingredient of sake, malted rice, all had beautifully soft hands, and so he decided to research the skin healing properties of rice. Aspergillus, yeast and lactobacillus were mixed with rice extract in a research program supported by medical institutions and then fermented to create a natural ingredient high in amino acids named Rice Powder Extract No. 11

In 2001, Rice Power Extract No.11 became the first product since 1960 to be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a new and innovative active ingredient that truly enhances the moisture retention function of skin. Its super low molecular weight allows it to deeply penetrate into the skin. It blends with the skin’s natural moisture more effectively than Collagen, Hyaluronic acid or water because its weight is lighter than common moisturizing agents.

The Deep Moisture Lotion is a fast absorbing nourishing formula that will give your complexion a pearl-like smoothness.

The Deep Moisture Essence is more fluid, and is especially effective on the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth. It instantly rejuvenates and eliminates dryness and gives the skin a more youthful smoothness. It is my personal favorite of the three,

The Deep Moisture Cream has a richer, thicker consistency for those who prefer a creamy texture. Non- greasy, light weight, fast absorbing and deeply penetrating, it can be used morning and/or night. It’s especially effective for the cold winter months when our skin cries out for even more moisturizer.

Available at http://www.en.riceforce.com

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