Healing Skincare: Q & A with Vieve’s Leaves Founder Genevieve Dolan

“There’s no reason anyone needs to suffer negative emotions because of how their skin looks” says Vieve’s Leaves founder Genevieve Dolan. “There are healthy solutions to finding your inner and outer glow, and we want to be one of them.” I recently sat down with Dolan to learn more about her one-of-a-kind brand and its extraordinary benefits.

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today?

Born and raised in Chicago as one of five children, I’ve always been on-the-go and outgoing. There are four women in my family, so beauty, fashion and health have always interested me. From a young age I loved experimenting with different makeup and skincare. When cystic acne set in during my teenage years, I became incredibly informed with the pharmaceutical side of healing; and until my early 20s, doctors prescribed me all sorts of medications for my skin and other maladies. Unfortunately, my body just didn’t react that well to these and I eventually stopped taking them.

This led me to explore a more holistic approach to my health and, through my own experiences with nutritionists and integrative medicine specialists, I developed a passion for healing the body from the inside out.

In 2020, I was introduced to an opportunity where I could blend both science and nature to create products that delivered the balance, nutrients and support I needed in my beauty routine. Alongside a chemist, I developed a formula that worked with my skin (which is a combination of acne-prone, dry, and sensitive) and packed it full of age-defying antioxidants. This was the beginning of creating Vieve’s Leaves in hopes my products could help others who struggled with similar skincare issues.

Your products contain CBD. Why is CBD becoming more popular in beauty products and what are the benefits of CBD skincare that stand out from other products?

Vieve’s Leaves star ingredients is a proprietary blend of CBD, Vitamin E, and antioxidants that gives ‘horsepower’ to our formula: increasing the efficacy and absorption rate for faster, better results. Our CBD is sourced from some of the best farms in the USA and, like the rest of the ingredients in our formula, is clean and nontoxic. While there’s often a stigma attached to CBD, we’ve found that it truly does wonders for individuals with sensitive and combination skin types, as it’s a natural balancer for skin tone and texture, and can help reduce the appearance of dark spots. CBD is also full of anti-inflammatory benefits and can help to reduce swelling, calm irritated skin and speed up the healing time of breakouts.

What is the significance behind your brand’s name?

‘Vieve’s’ comes from my full name, Genevieve. There is also a version of this word translated into “full of life”.‘Leaves’ is inspired by the natural, botanic ingredients we’ve included in our formula.

Vieve’s Leaves is all about balance, so we use scientifically derived ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, peptides, alpha & beta acids and ceramides, while also adding extracts from plants including gotu cola, cannabis, gingko, ginseng and green tea.

What inspired you to launch your own skincare line?

During my journey to healing my skin, I spent countless hours and resources researching different brands and ingredients. I had cystic acne, dryness, redness, and super sensitive skin. I’d often breakout from some of the most popular brands – even those recommended by my dermatologists! We started working on Vieve’s Leaves a few years before my 30th birthday, and I knew my skin was changing – which is only natural with age – so I was eager to create a line that was simple, soothing and nourishing to changing skin, that also helped improve it over time. The Vieve’s Leaves three-step system does all of that!

Do you have a couple beauty tips you swear by?

Always wash your face at night and be 100% certain you’ve gotten all the dirt and bacteria off! I use our limited edition Revitalizing Cleanser – it’s the perfect balanced cleanser with Aloe + Alpha & Beta Acids for a deep, anti-microbial cleanse and restores the skin cell turnover, while the lavender and gotu kola soothes and rejuvenates the skin.

Follow cleansing with a serum. My skin drinks up our Restorative Serum. It’s very hydrating and soothing. It’s not like other serums that leave sticky residue all over your face. Vieve’s Leaves’ sinks into the skin fast and activates the deepest layer of epidermis, allowing its restorative magic to set in immediately.

Finally, seal that serum with a moisturizer. Our Rejuvenating Facial Fusion Moisturizer locks in our serum, adding a protective layer to the skin cell barrier. It’s also packed with plant extracts that have been used for centuries to heal and balance the skin, and it mixes perfectly with your favorite SPF.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about your brand?

I remember how I felt when I suffered from acne. I was embarrassed and insecure – especially as a young adult when I thought I “should have” matured past the acne phase. I wanted to create a brand that not only heals your skin, but hopefully relieves some stress to your psyche. I want everyone who uses Vieve’s Leaves to feel full of life! I’d also like to offer your readers 30% off a purchase of $50 or more online at VievesLeaves.com with code BEAUTY30..

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