Help…I Need Oxygen!
Oxygen breathes new life into skin care regimens

As a skin care editor, I experience all the latest professional treatments and hope-in-a-jar products, test them out and talk to the experts. You know what they say, “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!” Lately, there’s been a buzz about oxygen as a key ingredient; so I simply had to investigate to see if it was just all a bunch of hot air.

I started with the professionals and two different kinds of oxygen facials. The first was at the Upper East Side spa of makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. Walking into the elegant townhouse, with its beautiful French furniture, Aubusson rugs and feminine touches, definitely made me wish I lived there. The stairway up to the treatment rooms reminded me of some of the charming country B&B’s I’ve stayed in. I was in good hands with Liana as she gave me the Double Oxygen Facial, which consisted of a cleansing, exfoliation and the application of professional grade products and high potency serums enriched with pure oxygen. Lastly, molecular oxygen mixed in a compressor with anti-aging and firming botanicals was gently sprayed on my face and décolleté. Afterwards, my skin felt great and looked bright.
Kimara Ahnert 1113 Madison Ave.

A month later I went to the medical office and medi-spa of Dr. Neil Sadick, MD for an oxygen treatment. First, I chatted with the incredibly knowledgeable and charming doctor who is a walking encyclopedia of skin care and state of the art treatments, and patient enough to share some insights with me. Dr Sadick explained that oxygen in skin care improves skin metabolism, decreases inflammation and improves cell vitality. Additionally, some that suffer from acne can benefit from the anti-bacterial properties of the oxygen molecule.

He says it’s most effective for rosacea and that treatments once or twice a month will keep redness under control. The Oxygenating Treatment cleanses, nourishes and revitalizes skin cells with pure oxygen molecules that stimulate the production of healthy new cells and increase the strength and suppleness of the skin.

After our discussion, he lead me to the spa area of his large office and once in the treatment room, I was given the most wonderful and refreshing Oxygenating Treatment facial by esthetician Onidia, which involved gentle cleansing, exfoliation, a mask and other skin preps that ended with mists of oxygen along with vitamins E and C from a compressor. Again, my skin felt rejuvenated and looked gorgeous!
Dr Neil Sadick, 911 Park Ave, NYC

Well we can’t always have professional treatments, and even if we can, it’s best to follow up at home with oxygen rich products. Choose from some of these, and you’ll be walking on air!

Swiss scientist Dr. Paul Herzog, back in the 70’s, succeeded in stabilizing oxygen, by fixing it into a cream. This oxygen, contained in the emulsion in liquid form, is then released in gas form when coming into contact with the skin. Armed with these discoveries, his wife, Karin Herzog an esthetician went to work and created Karin Herzog Skin Care. Talk about a power couple! The Vita-A-Kombi 1 cream is for day and night. It normalizes skin, promotes healing and accelerates cell regeneration. I really liked the texture of this cream and how it made my skin look and feel.
Available at spa’s, doctors offices and

Using a mask always makes my skin look and feel refreshed. The System O2 Infuse mask by Luzern Labs is a pure oxygen treatment mask which contains Co-CQ10 and 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, aka vitamin C. These work to stimulate collagen growth, hydrate skin and reduce fine lines. It’s especially good for sun-damaged, acne prone skin and stressed skin. The package contains three masks all in individual tubes. Mix each tube with some of the serum provided in a separate vial and you’ll have skin that’s as beautiful as a field of Swiss wildflowers.
Available at Kimara Ahnert, 1113 Madison Ave and

I do love traditional French skin care products and spas, and Sothys has been a respected name in both for over 50 years. Not resting on their laurels, they continue to improve upon their products. Their experts tell us that oxygenating the skin enables it to fight against pollution and other nasty factors that accelerate the ageing process. From their Oxyliance line, I especially liked the Oxyliance Anti-Pollution Cream which is meant for normal to dry skin. It’s a perfect texture, absorbs quickly, leaves no shine, and made my skin feel like it had a velvet finish.

Available at Sothy’s 37 W. 57th St., (great facials too!) &

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