High Tech Skin Care Results from Low Tech Skin Care Tools

Of course we all love high tech skin care tools – those pricey at-home lasers and lights have brought our complexions to a whole new level of perfection. But did you know that some of the most low tech skin care tools can also help us achieve the smooth, gorgeous and glowing skin we crave? Add these simple items to your anti-aging routine, you’ll love the results.

A simple pillowcase can do wonders for your skin…if it’s the right pillowcase, that is. Silk charmeuse (aka silk satin) is the best thing that’s happened to bedding because it helps prevent wrinkles. As you sleep and move about your pillow, cotton will make your skin drag and pull, which creates wrinkles and creases. So say buh bye cotton and hello silk. I love the Slip Silk Pillowcases – they’re made from high quality silk charmeuse (22 momme which is the perfect fabric thickness), and come in a variety of colors, prints and sizes to match your bedding preferences. More reasons to make the switch? Silk is less absorbent than cotton, so more of your pricey night cream stays on your face, and your blow-out will stay fresher days longer. No more bed head.

Available: Bloomingdales

Want to get rid of wrinkles while you sleep? Get yourself SiO Beauty Patches and see some wrinkles disappear in just one night. Yes, really. SiO Beauty Patches are made from medical grade silicone and work using the skin’s own ability to heal itself. Apply the soft, comfortable patch to the area you want to treat, and while you sleep the silicone creates a micro-climate of humidity which draws moisture up from the skin’s lower layers to the outer layers, which then causes the skin to plump and smooth. Additionally, continued use creates collagen production to help achieve longer lasting benefits. The original SiO patches were designed for use on the décolleté for those wrinkles and crepey skin caused by side sleeping. They proved so effective and popular that SiO has also created patches shaped especially for the face, hands, and even knees. Each patch can be used about 15 times – simply wash it after use and put back into its package. Amazingly simple and effective.

Available: SiO Beauty

While Emma Hardie doesn’t focus on the unique roller ball delivery system of her Lift & Sculpt, Firming Neck Treatment serum, I think it deserves a shout out for innovation, and for taking the boring out of our daily skin care regimen. Lift off the cap, give the collar a twist and a squeeze until product appears, and then enjoy moving the roller all along your neck, jaw line and décolleté. It’s a simple, innovative and fun tool to use. Use it other times on your face as well, even without the serum, it’s quite relaxing. What’s inside is terrific too – which one would expect from one of the UK’s top holistic facialists. The serum is very hydrating and contains hyaluronic acid, neoderyml to increase skin density, omega 3,6, 9 complex, and raspberry oil to keep skin protected and moisturized. Roll those wrinkles away!

Available: Skin Store

Honestly, the Skin Slipper won’t directly help your complexion, what it does do is help keep the cream in your jar less contaminated, while you also waste less as you get more product on the targeted area, instead of your fingers. It’s perfect if you’re applying ointments or medicinal creams that might leave your fingers rough, discolored or irritated. Skin Slipper is made from super smooth hypoallergenic silicone (no latex), and is non-absorbent. To use, just slip your pointer and middle fingers inside and apply your cream. Wash it afterwards and use it over and over again. Helpful tip: It’s even great for applying pet medication.

Available: Skin Slipper

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