How to Fight Acne

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If you have a case of bad acne you should be under a doctor’s care, or if only the occasional breakout, you should be using anti-acne products to keep flare ups under control. Additionally, there are some very simple, but super important, things you can be doing to help avoid acne breakouts.

Keep your hair off your face while you sleep

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Between the use of styling products and everyday environmental pollution, your hair gets filled with dirt and chemicals. As you sleep, your hair brushes against your skin and the debris transfers causing breakouts.
Solution: At bedtime, put your hair up in a ponytail or loose bun to keep it off your face. Use a soft fabric covered elastic so it doesn’t’ tug out any hair while you sleep. Scrunchies by Scunci’s are perfect and pretty.
Bonus: You’ll wake up with some volume, rather than flattened hair.

Change your pillowcase often

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Don’t change to a fresh, clean pillow case only once a week. The oils from your skin along with the hair styling products you use get deposited on your pillowcase. Bacteria forms and then transfers to your face. To avoid this from happening, change your pillowcase a few times a week. If you suffer from bad acne or have very sensitive skin, make sure you’re using a fragrance-free, mild detergent such as Tide Free and Gentle.

Wash your face every night and every morning

This is a no-brainer but bears repeating. At night, make sure all makeup is removed. If you don’t wear makeup, you still need to have clean exfoliated skin so that pores don’t get clogged, and daily dirt is washed down the drain. Remember to use gentle exfoliation. Harsh exfoliation only makes your oil production go into overdrive thereby making the problem even worse. We recommend the Clarisonic Mia 2 for sensitive skin.

Use a washcloth only once

If you use a washcloth on your face, make sure to use a soft, gentle one and don’t over scrub. Toss in the laundry after every use. Damp washcloths build up bacteria and mold that you don’t want on your face. Ewww! Or use disposable cleansing cloths.

Keep your hands off your face

Sure, you’ve heard this since childhood and we all know it, but easier said than done, especially when you’re at your computer, reading, studying, etc. So, try to be conscientious about not touching your face, and since no one’s perfect, be diligent about washing your hands often, use an antibacterial hand gel, and clean your keyboard as well as your phone with anti-bacterial cleansers.

These simple, sensible tips will go a long way to help control acne.

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