Ilona, Your Best Friend This Winter


I suppose it is best not to speak for everyone, but I know I choose not to live in Denver for a reason – I cannot stand the cold weather. Unfortunately, New York has its fair share, and it is on the way. I can feel it in my skin. My face is starting to dry out, and we have not even reached the holiday season.

Over the past month, I have conducted a little research. I attempted to hunt down the perfect moisturizer. To me, perfection is non-greasy, hypo-allergenic and most obviously, however elusive, it needs to be effective.

A product from Denver, Colorado, promising to be my best bet against cracked and flaky skin, caught my eye. The line of skincare products, Ilona, is named after their pioneer.

I figured that I would give the moisturizer a shot about a week ago – my skin was really in bad shape. It had not yet adjusted to the heat from the radiator I practically sit on top of while working all day. Since it was so severe that I could not wear makeup over my dry skin, I packed on The Buoyancy, ReOxygenating Moisture Creme before bed. It went on nice and smooth, and I woke up to a dewy, soft feeling – a noticeable improvement.

I took my search a step further and found that Ilona’s line also makes facial cleanser and toner for dry skin. Luckily for me, all of the products are clearly labeled by skin type. The wash, called Absolute Clean, Supple Lotion Cleanser is detergent-free so it gently cleanses and did not leave my face feeling tight afterwards. As an extra bonus, it removed my eye makeup with just little rubbing.

The next step is the Clear Through, Replenishing Toner to keep skin balanced. Amazingly, it does not dry out my skin, and I am more confident that all traces of my makeup are gone after I’ve used it. The toner along with the Acclimate, Multi-UV Inhibitor with SPF prevent dry skin. The SPF will block the harmful rays of the sun, which are especially strong during the winter months.

The line has treated my skin and I well. I’m relying on them to get me through our New York winter.

If I ever make it to Denver, I’ll be sure to check out their spa, there I’ll really need it. Ilona products are available on the web, check out

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