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Marie Lowrance is a selfish woman…and that’s a good thing. She’s obsessed with lasers and the great things they can do for the skin. She’s in constant search of new ones she can use on herself to keep her gorgeous-self gorgeous, and the rest of us benefit! The lanky beauty with a charming Texas lilt, has perfect skin that makes me think she’s lying when she tells me she’s 63 years old….or rather 63 years young!

Photo property of De Paola Lowrance

Marie works with daughter Lisa and assistant Jennifer and the three of them make a terrific team that welcome you with warm smiles yet serious service and advice in a professional atmosphere. I spent a few hours here learning a lot and knew I was in good hands as Marie and Jen did a full menu of treatments on me. I’m fortunate to have good genes when it comes to skin, so we all knew that the results were not going to be as dramatic for me as for others with deep wrinkles, sun damaged skin or other maladies, but that’s a good thing too!

I was promised that nothing would hurt, and I’d be able to leave their office without any noticeable redness or skin irritation, and the promise was kept. You really can do any of the treatments and return to the office or go out that evening looking fabulous!

Photo property of De Paola Lowrance

The Ultrasonic Exfoliation is a gentle exfoliation that can’t tear or damage skin like typical exfoliation crystals can. It gets rid of dead skin and can diminish age spots, rosacea and very fine wrinkles. Lifting spirits as it lifts skin is the Micro Current Lift from Europe and medically approved in the US uses micro current, ultrasound, high frequency and diode photo stimulation to improve skin’s texture, tone it up give it a healthy glow. We then moved on to Carboxy Therapy which tightens skin and so is good for many things including cellulite, small fat deposits and scar tissue. Marie used this under my eyes and on a small scar I have on my cheekbone. It would take a few treatments for more dramatic results, but even after just one, the skin under my eyes was tighter and the scar on my cheek is less noticeable. This was followed by Flash Tight, a light based treatment which firms up the skin.

Photo property of De Paola Lowrance

It was all painless. Marie and Jen are good spirited and the experience was extremely pleasant. The most relaxing part was the Gold Mask, which was applied to my face to hydrate and nourish with gold and other antioxidants. And for good measure, was some Photolight Therapy which involves pure infrared wavelengths and pure violet/blue light which treats the skin at the cellular level and can shrink pores, tighten skin and even out skin tone.

I left there looking and feeling great. A week later, while walking into a meeting with Kimberly, our publisher, her eyes immediately lasered right onto my face as she exclaimed, “Your skin always looks great, but it looks really amazing today. What did you do???” I think she was making an appointment before I could finish telling her!

De Paola Lowrance Laser Center – 515 Madison Ave – 212- 755-1155

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Jennifer was an amazing addition to Marie’s practice. I have seen Jennifer (Jenny she prefers) work precisely, concisely and most important full of passion. She was hired to increase the clientele base and share her expertise with Marie so they could complement each other. After all, Jennifer has been working in the industry for over 15 years now and she is only 36. Not only was she honored to work at De Paola Lowrance she sacrificed most of her life to make Marie her partner and daughter Lisa proud. As her her health became progressively worse it was clear to… Read more »

Donald J. De Paola

Message to James. Jennifer was lucky to have been given a temporary position at the De Paola Lowrance Laser Center. It was only thru Ms. Lowrance’s compassion and good graces that she was allowed to be associated with us. It was unfortunate that her service did not meet the continuing high standards of De Paola Lowrance Laser Centers so she was not invited to return. Make sure you get your facts correct before you make misguided statements again.


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