Less Is More


O fervid fans of my passionate prose, in the spirit of spring cleaning this month I offer you pared down praise of faves that contain less in the way of ingredients, use more sustainable packaging and empower us all to consume less in our mission to look and feel most fab.

In the category of simply outstanding: The 1st Annual Less Is More Prize goes hands down to Indie Lee for her Squalane Facial Oil. Ingredients: 100% squalane oil, c’est tout. In a few drops this one ingredient, derived from olives, elegantly hydrates and soothes as promised.

Available: http://www.indielee.com

For minimalist innovation, the prize goes to Primavera for their Intensive Seed Oil Capsules. Smaller than a vitamin and power-packed with organic ingredients, one of these babies feeds your face while you sleep and you wake up good-to-glow.

Available: http://www.PrimaveraLife.com

For their commitment to responsible packaging, and in recognition of the matte finish that leaves your personal canvas perfectly primed, I award Clarins my promise to promote daily use of their Extra-Firming Day wrinkle lifting cream, formulated with extracts of organic lemon thyme and green banana.

Available: major dept stores and Sephora.

Kudos to Tata Harper for her Core Beauty Set. The tasty trio of Refreshing Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence and Rejuvenating Serum are 100% natural and do indeed refresh, cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate. The textures and scents soothe the senses, smooth the skin and deliver maximum radiance.

Available: http://www.tataharperskincare.com

The wanderlust prize for comforting cranky travelers goes to Amala for their Hydrate Spa Valise. This collection cleanses, quenches and moisturizes your face with certified natural organic ingredients and comes good-to-go for your next walkabout in an elegant hemp case of which Mies van der Rohe would approve.

Available: ABC Home, NYC and http://www.amalabeauty.com

The lifetime achievement award for simplifying regimens goes to Kimberly Sayer for creating organic skincare lines that streamline the process of getting the daily job done. The Gentle Face Cleanser, Lavender Toner and Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF25 are all those with sensitive skin need to face each day.

Available: Whole Food Markets and http://www.kimberlysayer.com

In parting, a plea to those who provide us with products: less overwrought marketing-ese, more simple truth please.

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I love products with fewer, and natural, ingredients! We are doing something similar with our line, getting ready to launch this summer. Can’t wait to see it on Beauty News NYC!! http://crowdbackers.com/project/100/Orange-County/Stephanie-Devine/Skincare-Startup


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