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After all that smooching under the mistletoe and thank-you kisses for the gifts, your lips have had it. Okay, I exaggerate…..however, this cold weather does wreak havoc on delicate skin. You want lips that are luscious, plump and line free? Stop pouting, (It creates lines!) and try some of these products that’ll get you through the winter. Remember, weatherwise, the worst is yet to come!

The fragile skin on our lips simply doesn’t retain moisture as well as the skin on other body parts. Let All About Lips by Clinique instantly moisturize them while optical-diffusion polymers scatter light and soften the appearance of fine lines. The cream absorbs instantly and also helps prevent lipstick from creeping about. The addition of green tea extract and vitamin E help neutralize free radicals for anti-aging benefits.

Available: Fine department stores and

Getting rid of those little lines around the lips gives a more youthful appearance, and helps keep lipstick from crawling into little crevices. Instant Line Filler by Renee Rouleau contains vitamin C, marine algae, and hyaluronic acid spheres that are like tiny micro sponges that expand when they react with moisture in the skin to plump up wrinkled area. This product should be used with moisturizer for full effect. Can also be used around the eye area to make those pesky crow’s feet fly away!


Most balms come in those little solid tubes that we’ve all used since we were kids. Nothing wrong with them if you go without lipstick or use at bedtime. However, sometimes you want a heavy duty balm yet still want to be able to wear lipstick, and Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm, containing honey and beeswax, is a perfect choice. This balm in a tube can be applied under lipstick yet still offers a good lip coating that protects lips from the winter temperatures and keeps them from getting chapped. One flute player we know says this is the only product that keeps his lips from cracking during performances. Sounds sweet to me!

Available: Shizuka Day Spa, 7 W. 51st St and

Brand new from Dermalogica is Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex. The case looks like one of the solid balms, but instead, the softer product is pushed through holes at the top as you twist the bottom, which allows for easy application. The raspberry flavored thick balm contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, avocado oil, shea butter and peptides to help keep lips soft and conditioned.


Of course we want our lips soft, smooth and protected but what we really want deep down in our greedy little hearts is a pair of lips that are plump, plump, plump! And no, we’re not talking filler injections here…eeeoww!

For those who prefer well established luxury brand names, the Cadillac of lip plumbers is TranspHuse Lip pHixative from Erno Laszlo. The roll-on formula contains peptides to soften fine lines, optical diffusers to create smoothness and plumpers that’ll plump ’em to the max.

For those who are always on the cutting edge of the newest, and whose peeps always look to for the latest, you’ll want to try Vivite Defining Lip Plumper by Allergan. Created to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, Vivite defines lip contours as it plumps. It contains peptides, botanicals, vitamin E, green tea extract, and moisturizes with aloe vera, and chamomile flower.

Erno Laszlo available: Fine department stores and
Vivite available:

Final lip tip: Shizuka, one of my favorite NY facialists, suggests that if lips get very dry, use a gentle facial scrub on them, and then use a thick balm immediately afterwards.

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