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I see a lot of bundles. I tend to love them all as well. There is something about having a complete set that wishes sweet promises of renewal and rejuvenation. Having something being sold to me that way sometimes is enough regardless of the results. Perhaps that is just life making my expectations lower than it should be.

Which is why, when a product exceeds my expectations, I am thoroughly and wonderfully surprised. August and Monroe has done just that in offering items that are the perfect accompaniment to your routine. With a meticulous focus on all aspects from design to functionality, you can feel the care and thought put into the products they offer.

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Bundle Calm Cream Moisturizer Blemish Camouflage Wake Up Call Eye Serum

August and Monroe started when makeup-artist Alexandra Weinstein and her partner Michael Condor decided on an innovative product that would serve the needs of everyone regardless of gender – the 3 in 1 Blemish Camouflage, a product that took two years to develop because it was completely new to market (think about all those FDA regulations and clean beauty compliance standards that it has to adhere to).

The backstory is sweet, but the thing about August and Monroe is that the products themselves have been so well thought out – they speak for themselves. A silent proclamation of all the values the brand stands for.

The Wake Up Call Brightening Eye Serum

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Wake Up Call Eye Serum

The Wake Up Call Brightening Eye Serum was the first of the line I tried. ( I know not the 3 – 1 blemish concealer? How could I? ) I have tried many eye creams before, and part of what I realized for myself is that I severely disliked having to dip my finger into the jar. At first the dislike came from being uncomfortable with grabbing too much product and wasting all my precious eye-cream money. Yes, I could have used a little spatula but those get lost and cumbersome to hold within my fingertips. Applying cream with them was also uncomfortable and once I’m uncomfortable and no longer see the point I usually give it up. ( Toxic trait alert ).

The second dislike from dipping fingers into jars is that I learned unfortunately really late in life, that behavior destroys your products by introducing bacteria and oxidation ( which can lead to products expiring faster or losing potency due to chemical changes happening once the product is exposed to air ).

The Wake Up Call eye serum unexpectedly solves all of my issues ( involving eye care ) and then some. The small tube it comes has a matte finish texture, something I’ll come to find is a trait their other products hold as well, and provides instructions on how to use. The serum itself has a light gel consistency. However, the patented applicator tip may actually be life changing for me.

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Wake Up Call Eye Serum

The metal felt cool and provided relief to my puffy under-eye area. With some relaxing meditation chime music playing in the background I found myself taking my time to slowly massage the serum into my skin. I don’t often massage my eyes as it sometimes can feel like “just another step” to do and most nights I just don’t have it in me to do that extra step. But no finger dipping here, just a light squeeze from the luxe matte tube and the feel of that cool metal applicator until I realized more than a few moments has passed and alas – I’ve done it. I may have found the product that will actually fit me and my needs.

Perhaps it’ll also be the one for you as well?

3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Blemish Camouflage

Yes, of course I eagerly ( but gently ) ripped into the packaging of the most interesting skin care makeup product I have ever seen – the Blemish Camouflage. This multitasking product serves as a primer, blemish conceal, corrector, and can even replace those little acne patches with spot treating as it has ingredients like arnica, bakuchiol, squalene and vitamin c. The packaging is a twisty-tube, matte black with that gorgeous August and Monroe logo ( seriously, well done to whoever designed that ). It comes with the silicone applicator tip to help prevent bacteria and the smaller end you twist to make the product come out. Then you can follow August and Monroe’s online tutorial on how to use their nifty tool.

Well there is a step before that.

Upon first opening the product, I twisted and twisted but to no avail. No product. And thus I panicked. Never fear though, because I found when in doubt with tube like structures – violently shake the shit out of it.

This was also backed by a video I found on Youtube, where shaking was also seen and once my fears were quelled by the external validation that yes I was indeed on the right track, I kept on shaking. A minute or so of that ( maybe less, I’m not sure about the passage of time anymore ) and a couple more twists and product was indeed coming out of that silicone tip.

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Blemish Camouflage

You apply a small amount onto whatever area you wish to have coverage and then blend with your finger. The heat from your finger helps break down the little beads that end up changing the color of the product. Once you find you have reached the color you desire, blend the edges to smooth the product with the rest of your skin.

I found this took a bit of practice. Too little product and you may not reach your desired color. Too much and it is less subtle that you are using some assistance to help with your acne, which I prefer to not be so obvious. For people who are using just this and no foundation, it is much more important to go small and build up to that color.

The coverage is medium, which I prefer since that means you can go lighter or build up if needed. The concealer comes with a little post card that explains how to use it and says to moisturize before application. I found with my skin that moisturizing wasn’t enough.

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Blemish Camouflage

While you can apply the concealer directly to the face, I found that for areas that were more than a dot to cover I would need a different method. I actually squeezed the product in an estimated amount ( around pea-sized ), onto the back of my non-applicating hand. I then put a dab of moisturizer into the pile and mixed for my color on my hand before using my finger to dip in that color puddle and apply it to troublesome bits on my face. Clean fingers here of course.

Which brings me to their next product…

Calm Cream Gel Moisturizer

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Calm Cream Moisturizer

It only makes sense that a concealer product that works well with a moisturizer is also paired with one. The innovation doesn’t stop as the Calm Cream gel moisturizer also comes in a bottle with that sexy, premium matte finish as well as a twist aspect at the bottom to make the dispenser portion pop up. This means you can also close it back down, not risk any accidental pumps or other mishaps that have happened to me but I do not feel like sharing right now.

The gel moisturizer is powered by your friendly ingredients vitamin b3, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid as well as ginger root, white willow bark, bisabolol and oats.

A little goes a long way with this moisturizer and while you feel that concern of “oh no! Is this going to get sticky? I hate sticky moisturizer!” by the time that thought is finished you’ll find your skin a little shinier and with no stick. For my skin type ( combination and angrily inflamed all the time ), gel type products are generally accepted better than others. There also seemed to be a slight citrus scent which I loved.

August and Monroe Clean Beauty Calm Cream Moisturizer

The Review?

There was so much love put into these products and the brand itself.

  • The logo is beautifully designed.
  • The packages have a beautiful matte finish and embossed text ( yes I pay attention to these tiny details ) which I love the feel of.
  • The texture of the products are smooth, calming and function well.
  • From the patented eye applicator tip, to the twist moisturizer dispenser to the entirety from ideation to packaging of the amazing blemish camouflage – rather than just produce something that can solve a problem they went into the application of the solution as well.

On top of all of that, August and Monroe is a clean beauty brand, no testing on animals, and focuses on ingredient transparency and sustainability by mailing all packages with thank you seed cards, having a refillable bottle (the Calm Cream moisturizer), and introducing a recycle program where you can mail back empty products for a little gift as an incentive.

I’m running out of breath just covering it all.

August and Monroe has brought innovation into the beauty world with carefully tested formulas, beautiful packaging and thoughtful integration in our lives in application as well as the environment we live in with sustainable practices.


Shop the Wake Up Call Eye Serum – $52

Shop the Blemish Camouflage -$38

Shop the Calm Cream Moisturizer – $48

Want to try multiple? Get busy with some bundles.


Learn more about their story

Follow them @augustandmonroe

All photos are courtesy of the August and Monroe official website.

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