Lube Job
…Keeping skin lubricated during the cold winter months


I hate this time of year. It gets dark too early, the twinkling holiday lights that made my spirits soar are gone, and it’s cold, just too damn cold. To make matters even worse, my normally dry skin gets even drier and screams for help. It’s a dermal nightmare. And though I might want an alligator handbag, I don’t need alligator skin!


As Al Gore would remind us, consider of the environment. Okay, he didn’t come to my house and test my air, but when it comes to skin, indoor heating is the enemy! As those dry apartment heaters blow hot air to keep the chills out, they rob the air of its moisture. Crikey… even my kitty, Simon, had little white specs in his fur! Not loving the appearance of the big clunky humidifiers that look like they belong in a biotech lab and take up too much space in my apartment, I set out to find one that was both attractive and compact. I found two that pleased me: The Honeywell Ultrasonic Humidifier which has a vase-like appearance that fits nicely in a small bedroom nook and the dark blue Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier whose cool look blends in with my living room décor. Neither one requires that I fiddle with filters either. Within two days of having these babies’s set on full blast, my skin felt less dry and flakey and Simon’s coat is now sleek and black without the dandruff!

Honeywell humidifier: Bionaire humidifier:


I’m a serum addict and wear it daily and this winter I found one with heavy duty moisturizing properties as well. ReVive Intensite Fluide Superbe has an olive oil base as well as Linoleic Acid to reduce inflammation and create an additional barrier for moisture retention. Oil soluble vitamin C also increases collagen production. Over it I use the Cellcosmet Day Cream Treatment alternating with Cellcosmet Night Cream Treatment which are packed with vitamin E and C to fight free radicals as well as other ultra luxe ingredients which protect my skin, and make my complexion radiant.

ReVive and Cellcosmet both available Sak’s Fifth Ave,


I know when you step onto that cold bathroom floor, you immediately want to take a long, hot shower. Resist temptation and just say No! That hot water will rob moisture from your skin. Take warm showers and keep them short. Soap also strips skin of precious moisture, so in the winter I switch to Avene Emollient Soap Free Cleansing Bar which not only cleanses, but also moisturizes due to containing cold cream, and maintains skins natural PH. I called for some professional advice from Dermatologist Dr. Fran E. Cook Bolden, of the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University. She says that “hydration and sealing in moisture is the key” and advises that we apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or showering while skin is still damp. During the day, “spray a little healing mineral thermal water prior to applying moisturizer” For that, I love the soft mist of Avene Thermal Spring Water which sprays a soft veil on my skin before I slather on Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre Fluide Hydratant.

Embryolisse: Temptu 26 West 17th Street, and


Our head to toe lube job ends at the feet where there’s no romancing the pumice stone here. I hate those things. A much better product for removing dead skin is the XL-Pro Foot File which planes away that gross looking dry skin on heels quickly and effectively. Follow up with the Superbalm by Liz Earle which is perfect for heels and cuticles.

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