Say Mais Oui to Spring Skin Care


This May, I say Mais Oui! to products that do double duty and/or do what they promise.

PCA Skin where have you been all of my life?? Your dry skin relief bar that comes complete with sponges works wonders on face + bod. I am a delicate flower and despite all the fine, fab and high falutin’ products I have access to, I still have dry skin. I confess, I didn’t leave the product on for the directed two minutes; impatience is my middle name. Still, my de-flaked face was left smooth and soft without a trace of taut. I followed with hydrating serum, which does double duty as a nighttime moisturizer, and hydrator plus broad spectrum spf 30, another product with twice the benefits. My highly hydrated face is not greasy, goopy or shiny but rather has a natural glow and a soft matte finish. Since I just had something mischievous removed from my face, tmi I know… but readers beware and be vigilant when strange things sprout. I am forever a PCA Skin fan because the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product for daily use. And use it daily henceforth I will.

Available at or

The defining characteristic of products from LAFACE is consistency, in both senses of the word. Each of the products I tried had a silky, sexy consistency, not heavy or greasy, not thin or drippy, they each felt just right and they consistently exceeded my expectations. I am now a devotee of Pur Purifying Facial Wash. It doubles as a cleanser and toner, an innovation I applaud since I am always running out of toner. Though it is anti-inflammatory and highly moisturizing with ingredients like copper gluconate and aloe, what has me hooked is the light scent of grapefruit that elevates this simple cleansing ritual into something delightful. The Beaux Yeux eye concentrate hydrates, diminishes the baggage and has been proven to significantly increase collagen production. Despite the science behind this product, what seduced me is the texture: soothing and readily absorbed. The Cellular Regeneration Cream, which doubles as both day and night cream has a pleasing and restorative facial feel. It left my face looking and feeling soft and smooth and combines the work of many products: cell regenerating, firming, moisturizing and pore-minimizing to name a few. Deflection, a cool and light day cream contains spf 30 and leaves your face feeling soft, hydrated and protected with a non-shiny finish.

Available at and Shen Beauty, 315 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

I am a longtime fan of Caudalie but I hadn’t re-visited their product line for a while so I was delighted to discover Premier Cru La Crème. This day and night cream would make a lovely gift, but don’t hesitate to gift yourself. As you may know, Caudalie dedicates the gifts of the vine to protecting and promoting the youthfulness of skin. Reservatrol is nature’s rejuvenator and Premier Cru not only delivers a super high concentration but also contains nourishers, anti-wrinklers and firmers to make your face radiant, smooth and soothed. The cream feels luxe but leaves no residue. If you only update your skincare with one new product this spring, I say treat yourself to this elegant elixir and let the renewal begin.

Available at and Caudalie, 315 Bleecker Street, NYC, NY

I try to always include an ayurvedic review and this month’s pick is Veria ID. The ID stands for innerdosha and you can take their online test to determine your type. I’m very vatta; I need mucho moisture to balance dryness. Toned Up is a hydrating toner that includes extracts of black pepper, horse chestnut seed, fruit extracts, aloe vera leaf juice, pomegranate extract and cardomom seed oil. The cool mist leaves your face feeling fresh and moist. Soak It Up is a hydrating mask that contains sunflower seed, jojoba and almond oils in addition to many of the same extracts contained in the toner. For once, I followed directions, “leave on as long as you like” and the long, cooling drink of moisture left my face firmed, fed and fab. See the Difference Eye Cream is rich and nourishing without being too heavy and More is Better Serum is calming, seriously hydrating and like the other products, creates a cooling sensation on contact. The beauty of ayurvedic products is that they correct imbalances to restore wellness. These products work well together to achieve that mission.

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Orico, the new brand designed for urbanites like readers of beautynewsnyc, stands for Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics and Oils. The products are specifically designed to help us cope with the assaults of city life like stress and air pollution. Yeah! Hi Rise is an elegant, rejuvenating elixir for eyes that cools on contact. It is an opaque gel rather than a gooey balm and is readily absorbed. It dries to a matte finish that won’t interfere with concealer, though it leaves you with a lot less to conceal. Botanical ingredients include moringa extract to pollution-proof skin and rhodiola rosea to help lift peepers. Superico is a delightful drink for parched skin. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to change your mind about putting oil on your skin. This vitamin E packed potion nourishes and hydrates in a hurry. It is instantly absorbed to leave your skin feeling like satin. Ingredients include rosehip and flaxseed oils and I was honestly amazed at how readily my skin drank them in. The uplifting scent of bergamot oil is a pleasurable plus. Speaking of scent, I always welcome new opportunities to add more aromatherapy to my daily life and that’s just what Jazzy Moisturising Hand Wash, Body Wash and Hand Lotion do. Essential oil of mandarin invigorates, baobab protects and nourishes and hibiscus promotes radiant, firmer skin. This daily ménage a trois definitely earns my mais oui.

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Whoah! Stop the presses. I have just had a major Mais Oui! moment. As you know, I am a devotee of products that naturally simplify life. I rarely care to write about hair because, though I really do try to love my curly locks, most of the time I am faking it. I have tried the curly girl salons and do everything I am told; this includes purchasing the products that fail to produce happiness. I use at least four products daily to ensure a frizz-free natural curl and daily, they disappoint. So, I know it’s unorthodox to shout Mais Oui! from the rooftops over a hair care product in a story about skincare… but reader, I must. HydroHair contains lots of aloe and extracts of melissa, chamomile and rosemary to produces the soft, luscious, loose and frizz-free curls of my dreams. Let’s face it: your naturally beautiful face is framed by your mane. If one product can replace four or more and create happiness, I say Mais Oui!.

Avail: and Pierre Michel Salon 135 E57th St., nyc, ny 10022

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