Masked Beauty: The Best Skin Care Masks for Your Skin

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There are times in life when it is important to be revelatory and there are times when facing things head on requires a good mask. Facial masks feed, restore, rejuvenate your face–and more. The experience of wearing a mask for 10-30 minutes is deeply relaxing and one that I say is not mere pampering but mandatory maintenance. Most masks work well when used on a weekly basis. Whether you need deep hydration, a feast of nutrients, or an overall beauty boost, put on a mask and then revel in the glow.

Resurfacing Mask from Tata Harper does the heavy lifting of boosting cellular renewal, minimizing pore appearance and improving surface texture with 11 high performance ingredients and no synthetics or nasty toxins. Natural nurturers like willow bark extract, aloe leaf juice, radish root extract, beet root extract and rose clay work together like a traditional peel to de-dull your dermis and deliver an instant glow. You can use it all over or apply as an overnight spot treatment and awaken good to glow.


I swallow a small fistful of vitamins a few times a day but neglected to specifically feed my face and that is what stressed skin needs most. A recent redeye flight left me parched, exhausted and depleted so I nourished my face with this rejuvenating remedy. Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask from Dermalogica includes vitamins A, C, E and B5 and nutrient rich algae extract to moisturize. Despite the jetlag I was left soothed and smoothed and if I wasn’t whining so much about being exhausted you’d never know by looking at me.


Revitalizing Mask from Dr. Hauschka, of whom I am a long time fan, is a delicious experience. Literally. I happened to taste a bit and it was sweet with natural ingredients like quince seed, apricot kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, borage extract, chamomile, and carrot root extract. Yum. When a product label does not instruct you to avoid the eye area as most do, but to include it, you know you are in for a gentle treat. This mask effectively rejuvenates and leaves you feeling cleansed, soothed and smoothed. Use it for a transcendent 20 minutes and you will feel transformed. You can also add a bit to your daily face cream for additional support.


Warning: this one is for dry/mature skin so all of you moist/immature people, please skip ahead. I am a big fan of calendula and keep it on hand in various forms to hydrate my lips and help heal boo-boos. Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask from John Masters Organics does exactly what it promises. If your face is feeling stressed, soothe yourself with a massage of this gentle, effective treat which contains aspen bark extract, olive leaf extract, rose oil, ylang ylang oil (subtly detectable in the gentle scent,) and of course, calendula flower extract. Yes!


I love jasmine. I love yogurt. I love a mask that you can massage in and keep on all day—or night. Amala’s Hydrate also contains macadamia nut and rosehip seed. It feels cooling and soothing to the touch and after briefly massaging per direction it is readily absorbed without leaving an oily residue. You can of course rinse it off but I don’t know why you’d want to part with this product. In addition to being deeply hydrating and scented with jasmine, the mask helps strengthen skin and promote cell renewal. It may be used 2-3 times a week and I plan to.


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