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For a one-stop beauty treatment destination that offers diva-style pampering, visit Chelsea’s spacious new Max spa. It’s the sunny downtown offshoot of Max spa at Central Park South. This spa not only offers a wide array of treatments and a warm, welcoming staff, it has free babysitting for harried moms too.

The one-stop treatment approach at Max is extensive. It encompasses massages, sauna treatment, body wraps, acupuncture, pedicures, manicures, laser treatments, waxing, ear candling, eyelash tint & extension, bridal makeup, tanning, party and gift packages, permanent makeup, facials, body scrubs, hair cutting, and hair growth or removal treatments. Don’t forget the babysitting! The body wraps and massages at Max spa take place in one of three gorgeous rooms; the Blue Lagoon room, which features a wall of dolphins and an ocean panorama, the Japanese room, a softly lit room with a rock wall and waterfall, and the Moroccan room, an luxurious, exotic environment.

Body wraps include the Ayurvedic Baltic Mud Wrap (1 hr, $120), the Seaweed Wrap (1 hr, $140), the Mineral Protein Wrap (1 hr., $150), the Chocolate Raspberry Body Treatment (2 hrs., $310), and the MicroGrafting Body Shape (30 minutes, $100 per session). The Mineral Protein wrap is an anti-cellulite treatment that increases blood circulation, eliminates toxins, and achieves slimming results. Another cellulite-busting wrap is the MicroGrafting Body Shape technology. This wrap is approved by the FDA. It visibly changes your body’s shape and targets particular areas. The Chocolate Raspberry treatment is a deliciously aromatic way to exfoliate and nourish your skin. The Ayurvedic Baltic Mud wrap hydrates and restores dry, tired skin. Max massages include the Japanese Hot Stone Therapy, (it will melt away all cares, woes, stress, tension, and resistance), along with the equally amazing Swedish massage. There’s also the Shiatsu, Thai, Holistic, and Deep Tissue massages, Hot Stone Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and a Holistic Massage for Moms-to-Be. Massages range from $65 to $180, 30 min. to 1 ½ hrs. Hands and feet are pampered with warm milk manicures and pedicures, cucumber parrafin treatments, strawberries and cream treatments, hot stone foot massages, and softening kiwi & protein hand mask and massage treatments. Laser hair removal is rendered easy and as painless as can possibly be with a soothing topical anesthetic formula. If you don’t want to laser your hair away, you can have the aesthetician use a gentle wax instead.

Looking to get rid of dark spots and wrinkles, acne scars? Max spa offers a laser treatment to make them go away. Or try their body polishing treatment to pamper your skin. The most delicious treats are the Max facials. You can choose the Salt of the Earth, Chamomile Souffle, Farm Fresh, Soy Medley, Low Carb Anti-Acne facial. Know a Mom to be or a nursing mom? Treat them to an Organic Apple facial. The Super Garden peel tightens pores and hydrates skin. (Prices range from $60 to $150). Side dishes include the Rich Berry Capillary Eraser, Seaweed masque, Lemon Fresh Pigment Removal Masque, Glycolic Peel, and Laser-Stimulating Collagen Growth. ($25 to $55, $150 for laser). Owner Eugenia stresses the importance of maintaining and caring for skin at an early age; women in their early to mid twenties can benefit from nourishing and hydrating their skin now, with the benefits being obvious when they’re older. Eugenia also said that the Max spa philosophy is centered on good health and beneficial treatments. Clients are told of the various options they have for maximum beauty and health, and how to avoid toxins and toxic treatments.
A Max spa treatment is the perfect gift for a bride, a bride-to-be, a frazzled mom, a tired mom-to-be, a guy who doesn’t like to have hair on his back or wants more hair on his head, a teenager with sensitive skin, a woman with dry skin, and anyone who loves a good massage.

Max Spa
181 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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