Moisturizers: Pump vs Jar, Which One is Better?


Why is moisturizer better from a pump than a jar? What’s the deal with anti-aging vs pro-aging? And are you using the wrong vitamin C serum?

Tune in to this short podcast (I promise, it’s less than 10 minutes) as cosmetic chemist, David Pollock asked me to be a guest on his Just Ask David show and discuss these three issues. You can listen anytime at your own convenience. And keep tuning in as Just Ask David has a variety of great guests and discusses the skin care issues we’re all concerned about.

Head to Just Ask David to listen anytime.

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Lucy I.

Thanks for this amazing post it has really open my eyes on why moisturizer better from a pump than a jar

Candice Sabatini


Many thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s much appreciated.
Thrilled that I’ve converted another person! : )


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