Not Just for Pirates: Eye Masks and Patches to Cure Your Under Eye Woes

I’m quite certain that I’m not alone on days when my go-to eye cream just isn’t enough. Perhaps it’s that extra glass of wine or the soy sauce in my Chinese takeout to blame for my puffiness, but quite frankly, I don’t care for the cause – I want to deflate the puff and deflate it fast. With the recent introduction of eye masks in dozens of skin brands (ranging from high-end to drugstore-affordable), I found comfort in knowing I’m not alone with my problems. I set out to test out the latest launches, all promising to conquer common under-eye woes, and have set aside my favorites for you to check out!

After one particularly late night out, I woke up with extremely puffy eyes with a little more baggage than usual. Fifteen minutes relaxing with the Triple Oxygen Eye Mask from Bliss was all I needed to recharge and look refreshed. The thin pads rest comfortably under your eyes while the product’s Vitamin C and Cucumber Extract work to disguise the side effects of late nights out. Available at Bliss Spas and Bliss.

For gals with concerns about lost firmness around your eyes, there’s a mask for you, too. Created by Dr. Dennis Gross, MD Skincare’s Instant Beautification Eye Area Firming Patch helps plump fine lines and wrinkles by pulling water from beneath the skin and bringing it to the surface. The results are immediate, but also long-lasting – a week later I was still amazed by how much less pronounced my crows feet appeared. Available at Amazon.

As a young spring chicken, I could get by on just a few hours of sleep without risk of ever seeing a dark circle. Now that I’m older, I wake up every day to circles that just keep getting darker with every hour of sleep lost. The folks at Shiseido must have heard my cries, because their Benefiance Pure Retinol Eye Treatment Mask seems to have been made with me in mind. Intended to help treat maturing skin, the patches work wonders on dark circles. In 15 minutes, my eyes looked brighter and felt more hydrated from the blend of Ginseng Extract and Vitamin C. Available at Sephora.

I was most impressed with a find at CVS by Skin Effects. The brand’s Penetrating Eye Treatment Mask with Complex 3 packs as much punch as the more expensive options on the market, but costs a fraction of the price. With added caffeine for a boost of circulation and botanicals to soothe puffy skin, the simple-to-use masks nourishes the eye area in just 10 minutes and results last for about a week. Available at Amazon.

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