Oh, honey!

Is it possible to be happy without a honey? Well, life is so much sweeter with than without but if you’re looking for some honey in your life, the stuff of bees is brilliant too. It moisturizes and softens the tender skin you’re in and it’s naturally antiseptic and anti-oxidant as well. You can make your own facial mask with a glob of honey and an egg yolk or some mashed avocado. If you prefer to ingest the contents of your kitchen rather than slathering them on your fine self, please read on.

Lubatti’s Gorgeous Day Moisturizer Honey & Almond smells divine, feels lightly emollient and is quickly absorbed, leaving a matte finish to your face. If your skin is dry, or dehydrated from an overly arid apartment, this subtly scented potion is the perfect pick-me-up.

Available: http://www.lubatti.com and Shen Beauty, 315 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

My fave form of therapy is the beauty sleep. (Of course I sleep on a “Beauty Rest.”) This is the time of year to burrow in and sleep deep. If you are restless and unable to hibernate all through the night, try Primavera’s Lavender Sleep Therapy Balm and kiss your honey, or in my case currently—Kindle–goodnight. In addition to honey extract and organic essential oil of lavender, the balm includes neroil (visit my December story, “So Citrus” for info. on neroli’s benefits.) It’s so much sexier than Vick’s Vapo-Rub: massage into your chest, temples and /or neck and breathe in the benefits.

Available: http://www.PrimaveraLife.com

Apivita is a new line of natural products made with honey from Greece. Am I impressed? Decidedly. The Moisturizing and Nourishing Mask with Honey comes in convenient single use packets so you can use it to feed your face when you travel. The honey is deeply penetrating and leaves your skin well nourished and hydrated. The Bio-Eco Lip Care with Honey is certified organic – bonus points – and restores cracked, dry lips to keep you kissable sans parabens. Cleansing Milk for Normal/Dry Skin is delightful: it smells nice, it’s easy and creamy to use and gently does the job. In addition to honey, this cleanser not only features organic essential oils of orange, lavender, neroli and geranium, but water is replaced by an infusion of organic green tea so you’re getting the benefit of extra anti-oxidants. The Queen Bee Firming & Restoring Serum and the Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream both contain royal jelly, the natural world’s powerful anti-ager. I will spare you the organic chemistry class on how they work and just report that indeed they do. Your skin will feel and look firmer, nourished and hydrated.

Available: http://www.Apivita.com/USA and http://www.Dermstore.com

I’ve molted my snaky winter skin with the daily treat of Melvita’s Apicosma Body Ultra-nourishing Body Balm. It smells like a tropical dessert and feels rich and soothing. It is not greasy and is amazingly smoothing. It contains three honeys—thyme, acacia and orange blossom—in addition to royal jelly. It’s good enough to eat but use it instead from top to toe and you’ll feel incredibly soft and comfy all winter. The Apicosma Cleansing Cream and Moisturizing Toner are a honeyed duo that works gently to rejuvenate dry, tired skin. Start your day with Melvita’s Shower Gel in almond –honey and let the winter wellbeing begin. It goes without saying that Melvita products are certified organic- and we love that.

Available: http://www.melvita.com

For a life that’s sweet regardless of your romantic status, just add honey.

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